Caramel Pretzel Butterscotch Fudge

Fudge{Plate: Anthropologie}

I will always remember my mom getting a Butterscotch dipped ice cream cone every time we made a family trip to Dairy Queen, which was actually quite often. It was our special road trip treat whenever we drove for extended periods of time. And by “extended periods” I mean basically anything over an hour and a half. Looking back, I’m not sure if our stops there were so frequent because we were a “flying family” and any type of long-ish car ride was akin to being trapped inside an iron lung, or my dad was/is just addicted to Butterfinger Blizzards. In fact, I can name the two other orders: my brother got a Cookie Dough Blizzard with extra cookie dough and my sister liked Chocolate Xtreme and Cookie Dough, too. Before we’re off the subject, does anyone else remember the brief and glorious summer where Monster Cookie was a flavor? I want to say it was 2009. This is my personal plea to please, God in heaven, bring it back.

The original point here was butterscotch. I have recently become obsessed. Like, eating-the-little-morsels-plain obsessed. I actually just bought butterscotch pudding. My mom would be proud. It’s a very underrated flavor. Fudge gets a lot of hype, maybe too much.

The recipe I used was discovered on Pinterest and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. It does set you back on calories, so if you’re worried about alone-time-eating (re: sitting with a plastic container that holds three boxes of cereal in your lap equals cereal is gone in a week), then maybe make this for your next fiesta.

Pretzels and CaramelI want to share a couple of my notes as you embark on your quest to create this goodness:

  • I purchased the mini-Rolos so they were easier to handle and cut in half.
  • I used Snyder’s of Hanover mini no salt pretzels to save on some of the sodium and calories.
  • When I swirled in the Rolos and pretzels, I found that the pretzels were breaking and not mixing like I wanted. Next time I will pour in half the fudge and half the toppings, swirl, then layer and lightly swirl the second half.
  • I believe keeping it in the fridge until serving is the best option for a more solid, less gooey experience.


PS if you read this far – special surprise – there is a free Gilt City offer for 25% off at J. Crew Factory Outlet. Get it while it’s hot.


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