Friday Find: Hey, Gorgeous Face

Images c/o The Body Shop

Images c/o The Body Shop

In an attempt to keep my little baby of a blog alive and well, I thought I would introduce a quasi-series that will take place each Friday. There are so many delightful things that I come across that I wish to share with others and/or  own myself. Some attainable, some not so.

For this first one (eee!) I would like to share part of my skin care regimen. I am obsessed with skin care, specifically for the face. If there is a lotion or lip balm or sunscreen that will do something special that another one doesn’t, you have my attention. For example, I have a sunscreen for sports, a sunscreen for the beach, a sunscreen for my face, a sheer sunscreen for my body, and body and face moisturizers with sunscreen. All different purposes, all completely necessary for survival.

I recently purchased the two featured serums from The Body Shop and I love them. I promise that there is a positive difference in my skin and I should know because I analyze it on the daily. The first one is the Vitamin C Skin Boost to brighten dull skin. I apply it after my moisturizer and it makes my face velvety soft with no added oily-ness later in the day. The second is the Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment meant to even out oily and dry patches of skin (kind of gross-sounding when read in print). It is the last thing I use at night and I can tell that my face is less oil-ridden during the day.

These are relatively inexpensive when compared to serums you might find at, say, Sephora. Plus, I appreciate that The Body Shop doesn’t test on animals and uses natural ingredients. Act now because there’s a 40% sale happening for Memorial Day weekend! I just may have to pick up the Vitamin E Moisture Serum

Have a great weekend!


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