Friday Find: Remember the Library?

Image c/o Pinterest

Image c/o Pinterest

One of my bad habits is reading too many books at one time. So when I finally got around to getting a Chicago Public Library card, I knew I was dousing lighter fluid on a bonfire (no, this is not a  Fahrenheit 451  reference).

A contributing reason that it took me so long was not wanting to fumble around with a book as a commuter. Although I’m not quite taking a private plane to work, I stick to the TSA two carry-ons rule when on the bus. I didn’t want a book taking up precious real estate (and bodily strength) whilst in my tote.

But now, the library affords me the opportunity to download eBooks to my iPad, which takes up little room in my bag. And they’re free! What?! Currently I’m cruising through The Night Circus and I scope daily for my next read.

Now if only I could snag a weekend with nothing to do but drink coffee and read. Ah, la vie en rose.

Tell me what to read next!


2 thoughts on “Friday Find: Remember the Library?

  1. Hi Megan! I just finished Night Circus, I thought it was a good summer read (quick and fun). I’m onto the Paris Wife which as a fellow Parisian lover and literary enthusiast I’m sure you’ve read already. By the way I love your posts. Miss you! Bisous ma cherie!

  2. Ah! I just finished The Paris Wife – good read and makes me want to go to Paris and Spain! I just started a marathon reading of the first Game of Thrones book (1,500 pages in 21 days – curse the lib for no auto-renewal functionality). Miss you too. Wo ai ni!

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