A Frugal Woman’s Juice Cleanse

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 3.15.16 PM{Suja Juices from Whole Foods}

Happy 4th weekend! I may be posting about healthy stuff but you can be sure that I’m eating a hot dog later tonight.

Last week I made a quick trek to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a family reunion on my dad’s side. We had a reunion there some 20 years ago, which is weird to say. “20 years” is a lot and usually only permissibly used by old people. Not me, who is still young and hip and fresh.

Alas, if you have never been to Gatlinburg, well, I’m just not sure that I would recommend you change that. Or rather, go and avoid the downtown area. The tiny city and it’s neighbor, Pigeon Forge, are colloquially referred to as “a toddler’s Las Vegas.” To give you a hint of what that means, I had my first taste of a deep fried Oreo when there was not any type of fair going on. I swear that after I ate it my heart slowed down.

The nature though – wow. I must have commented ten times during the late night  car ride from the Knoxville airport that “the stars are SO BRIGHT.” I really did like the mountains and wish that we had more time to hike various trails.

Being on vacation and feasting heartily on my favorite cookies my mom brought me, I returned to normalcy feeling gastronomically lethargic. Surfing around, I found a post from The Skinny Confidential about a Suja juice cleanse. Said cleanses are usually expensive, but I stopped by my local Whole Foods and found they were on sale and there’s a 10% discount if you buy six. Now, I didn’t purchase all six as I’ve never tried this brand, but I am convinced I will now having had one.

Today for breakfast I chose Fuel and I was in heaven. The taste ratio of fruit to vegetable is spot on. One juice per day, or even half of it per day for calorie counters, doesn’t feel as overwhelming on my tummy or on my wallet. I’m looking forward to trying all the flavors (a tad nervous about Purify since it has beet in it and I do not like the taste of earth) and feeling a little better after supremely lazy days. Will most likely have to purchase more after this weekend’s celebratory trip back home.

Oh, and don’t forget – USA!


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