DIY: Pretty Storage

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t first start this post off with…

Image c/o E! Online

Image c/o E! Online

The royal babe is here. The past few days were the most fantastic. I am only the tiniest bit sad that he isn’t a she, but I am happy if Kate is happy. And now…back to real life.


Finally! Online shopping is actually helping me out. Besides outfitting myself, I have started converting the boxes my goodies arrive in to functional storage. It’s a very easy process and will save you money to buy NEW clothes and the economy environment! All you need is your pretty box, a pair of scissors, and clear packing tape.

Box 1

Select your box and clear out a space to work. Easy enough.

Box 2

Cut open the bottom of the box so that you can look through it, and then cut along one of the connected sides so that you can open it up to lay flat.

Box 3

Turn the box inside out and realign the edges of the connected side you just cut. The pretty side should be facing out. Next, take your clear packing tape and fashion a piece to secure the side to make the box connected once more.

Now your box should look like this!

Box 4

While it seems a little counterintuitive, re-tape the bottom of the box, which you split open earlier in Step Two.

Box 5

Then all that is left to do is fold the flaps inward and you have your very own pretty storage box!

I’m using these boxes for my DVD’s, but there are even more scattered around for craft supplies, sewing projects and catch-alls. The next step is to figure out what to do with all my Birchboxes…ideas welcome!


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