Nostalgia Gra(ha)ms

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 3.52.18 PM

This week I found out that my favorite coffee place in Milwaukee is changing its name from Aterra to Colectivo. My Facebook feed obviously blew up with the thoughts of other fans and I haven’t clearly defined how I feel about it. The company knows what’s right for itself, but how am I ever supposed to call it something else? The t-shirt in my drawer with the logo on the back is now considered discontinued, rare, vintage.

I revisited my memory with late nights studying for an exam and gab sessions at the quixotic Lake Michigan location seen in the “nostalgia gram” above. Incoming Marquette freshmen will not know the place that I knew. They’ll make different memories and leave me feeling behind the times.

Something else that made me feel nostalgic this week was when I made a what could be construed as weird nighttime snack (but, hey, I ate chicken and butter sandwiches for lunch just about every day of my early school career, so to me it isn’t that weird). Graham crackers + Nutella. How did I come up with this ingenious combination? Well, when my family would visit my great aunt in the tiny town of Jasper, IN, (usually for Oktoberfest, which is a surprisingly fun festival for the size of the town) she would set out a plate of graham crackers with icing for me and my siblings. I was warmly reminded of how caring she was right up until she left this earth, just one evening short of her 90th birthday.

Plenty of things will change names and addresses and colors and whatever over time. They stopped making Oreo O’s cereal – anything is possible! Will I frequent Colectivo Coffee when I visit? Sure. I will just consider myself lucky to have made the memories I did. Isn’t that the case for most memories? Some stick out like bright stars bringing up boisterous laughs of a reckless night when you got your very own full-back tattoo at the hand of your friend with a Sharpie marker.  But my favorites are usually the ones that elicit something as simple as a quiet smile for a cappuccino on a winter day (or a very special dog) gone by.



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