Girl Crush: Diane Kruger

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I have many girl crushes. What makes someone my girl crush? She is usually a celebrity (because what’s the point of admiring someone in real life, right?), but not out to be in every glossy (that’s old timer for, “magazine”) on the shelves. She has a defined sense of self and style. She’s brave. She’s capable. She’s you. (SATC quote, anyone?) But really, I see myself in her and that’s why she is special to me. My latest girl crush has to be Diane Kruger.

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Why Diane K? Not to be confused with my other favorite Diane K(eaton, that is). First of all, hello, she’s gorgeous. Dynamo bod and poised beyond belief.

She first popped up on my radar in National TreasureWho didn’t like that movie? American history is cool, everyone. I didn’t really pay her any more mind (except on the red carpet) until recently when I watched Inglorious Basterds for the first time. Her wild card is the foreign thing. I am a full-fledged xenophile (big word!). She’s German and I am enraptured when I listen to her bounce between German and English. And now, upon checking out her IMDb, I see that she is going to be in The HostThat makes me dig her even more. Yes, I’m going to see that movie. Yes, I read that book. Yes, it’s by Stephanie Meyer. No, it wasn’t written any better than her “other books” (yes, I read those too).

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I’m an even bigger fan of Diane off the runway. Her looks are completely attainable for any regular lady that doesn’t appear in any major motion pictures. She wears the classic pieces with a fresh face on her days off which I respect. She’s not trying too hard. Then when she has to turn it on for a red carpet event, she mixes in a little funk and glam and calls it a day.

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Then there’s the boyfriend factor. Aren’t they precious? Not only are they stylistically in tune, they are just way too in love for their own good. And that hat. No one rocks a hat like Diane. She has done no wrong in my book and that’s why she has marked her place in my heart.

See you in The Host, girlfraan.