Halloween, If I Liked It

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{Easy DIY Balloons}

I notoriously am not a fan of Halloween. Perhaps it’s the effort of picking a costume. Perhaps it’s not wanting to be scared. Perhaps it’s the desire to stay inside where it is warm instead of wearing a coat over the costume I just spent a week of thought-energy on.

I can’t even remember what I did last year. Not a surprise but it’s also a demonstration of my general apathy for the holiday. The year before last I was an engaged Kate Middleton. I did everything right – the (imitation) blue dress and engagement ring were in tow. It was pretty brilliant. So this year I have a follow up and I am almost (almost) a little disappointed that I don’t have any plans on the horizon. Because if I did, I would be this:

Kate Costume

Yes, I would carry that baby around all night. All I’m missing are those luscious locks…#hairenvy.

Who are we kidding? I’ll probably end up happily cozy on my couch with a pumpkin bev and a bowl of candy loving every minute of it.

Be safe out there trick-or-treaters!


Friday Find: Just Start

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 10.24.54 AM{Gold Foil “Just Start” Print by CharmAndGumption}

Whatever that thing is that you’re thinking of doing – you know, the one that you swore you would follow through with, but haven’t because it might be hard or scary or both – sometimes you just need a kick in the rear. So here it is. Just start!

What’s my thing, you ask? Do you think because I sit behind the protective lens of the computer that I just posit questions to the universe without revealing anything about my own troubled self? No way, José! I’m not above sharing. I have a handful of to do’s that I am holding on to. The one that first comes to mind (probably because I got the inspirational print from the site) is to sell some of my wares on Etsy. I love making scarves, but I’m scared no one will buy them. And that, to me, means failure. I forget that not putting anything up for sale is a fail. So next month, I’m going to try and sell a scarf or two. It’s fall after all! Hashtag rhyming.

Before we get to another set of New Year’s resolutions, see what you can cross off your list. Here’s to a better you! (And I’m done)

Nostalgia Gra(ha)ms

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 3.52.18 PM

This week I found out that my favorite coffee place in Milwaukee is changing its name from Aterra to Colectivo. My Facebook feed obviously blew up with the thoughts of other fans and I haven’t clearly defined how I feel about it. The company knows what’s right for itself, but how am I ever supposed to call it something else? The t-shirt in my drawer with the logo on the back is now considered discontinued, rare, vintage.

I revisited my memory with late nights studying for an exam and gab sessions at the quixotic Lake Michigan location seen in the “nostalgia gram” above. Incoming Marquette freshmen will not know the place that I knew. They’ll make different memories and leave me feeling behind the times.

Something else that made me feel nostalgic this week was when I made a what could be construed as weird nighttime snack (but, hey, I ate chicken and butter sandwiches for lunch just about every day of my early school career, so to me it isn’t that weird). Graham crackers + Nutella. How did I come up with this ingenious combination? Well, when my family would visit my great aunt in the tiny town of Jasper, IN, (usually for Oktoberfest, which is a surprisingly fun festival for the size of the town) she would set out a plate of graham crackers with icing for me and my siblings. I was warmly reminded of how caring she was right up until she left this earth, just one evening short of her 90th birthday.

Plenty of things will change names and addresses and colors and whatever over time. They stopped making Oreo O’s cereal – anything is possible! Will I frequent Colectivo Coffee when I visit? Sure. I will just consider myself lucky to have made the memories I did. Isn’t that the case for most memories? Some stick out like bright stars bringing up boisterous laughs of a reckless night when you got your very own full-back tattoo at the hand of your friend with a Sharpie marker.  But my favorites are usually the ones that elicit something as simple as a quiet smile for a cappuccino on a winter day (or a very special dog) gone by.


A Quarter-Life Crisis

Image c/o Flikr, rocketrictic

Image c/o Flikr, rocketrictic

I’m having a heavily introspective week. It is most likely stemming from my fellow millennial friends that are going through a quarter-life crisis, which, when I heard John Mayer sing about I didn’t really believe existed but now, I know it is true because I am having one myself.

Call it “looking for my passion” or “finding myself” or “defining my future” or whatever lofty existential thing, that’s what I’m obsessing over. Though my birthday is not until November, I feel like Charlotte who decided to stick at 35 because she just didn’t feel that she was where she was supposed to be at 36.

As cloudy as this post is, my mind is even more so. But if movies and TV and books have taught me anything it’s that if we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives. So once that moment of clarity for something that I’m not clear on comes to me, I hope I have the foresight (and guts) to take advantage of it hoping that eventually all the pieces fall into place…until then laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know everything happens for a reason.

Happy Birthday, Friend

Image c/o Southern Weddings

Image c/o Southern Weddings

Dear Jessica,

Though we now live apart, my best years were spent with you. This year you turn 25, move on to a new job and get married. I can’t imagine a busier time of accomplishments! You’re pulling it off fabulously.

I hope you know that there is never a moment that I doubt that you will be there for me whenever I need it and I’m not sure many people are lucky enough to find that in a friend. With so many memories behind us, it’s hard to imagine how many more are in front of us.

Just a few years ago, we freshman-year-cried to each other locked in a bathroom making promises that we have kept as they have unfolded over time. It only more and more reassures me that we really are each other’s soul mates.

Happy birthday.



Caramel Pretzel Butterscotch Fudge

Fudge{Plate: Anthropologie}

I will always remember my mom getting a Butterscotch dipped ice cream cone every time we made a family trip to Dairy Queen, which was actually quite often. It was our special road trip treat whenever we drove for extended periods of time. And by “extended periods” I mean basically anything over an hour and a half. Looking back, I’m not sure if our stops there were so frequent because we were a “flying family” and any type of long-ish car ride was akin to being trapped inside an iron lung, or my dad was/is just addicted to Butterfinger Blizzards. In fact, I can name the two other orders: my brother got a Cookie Dough Blizzard with extra cookie dough and my sister liked Chocolate Xtreme and Cookie Dough, too. Before we’re off the subject, does anyone else remember the brief and glorious summer where Monster Cookie was a flavor? I want to say it was 2009. This is my personal plea to please, God in heaven, bring it back.

The original point here was butterscotch. I have recently become obsessed. Like, eating-the-little-morsels-plain obsessed. I actually just bought butterscotch pudding. My mom would be proud. It’s a very underrated flavor. Fudge gets a lot of hype, maybe too much.

The recipe I used was discovered on Pinterest and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. It does set you back on calories, so if you’re worried about alone-time-eating (re: sitting with a plastic container that holds three boxes of cereal in your lap equals cereal is gone in a week), then maybe make this for your next fiesta.

Pretzels and CaramelI want to share a couple of my notes as you embark on your quest to create this goodness:

  • I purchased the mini-Rolos so they were easier to handle and cut in half.
  • I used Snyder’s of Hanover mini no salt pretzels to save on some of the sodium and calories.
  • When I swirled in the Rolos and pretzels, I found that the pretzels were breaking and not mixing like I wanted. Next time I will pour in half the fudge and half the toppings, swirl, then layer and lightly swirl the second half.
  • I believe keeping it in the fridge until serving is the best option for a more solid, less gooey experience.


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