Friday Find: Fitsugar’s Fit Fix App

Image c/o @popsugarhome

Image c/o @popsugarhome

It was as if the fitness gods saw my plight and decided to be merciful. Just yesterday after posting about looking for a different workout every morning, whilst cruising through my Instagram feed, I came upon a pic from @popsugarhome about a new app called Fit Fix. Just as the description says, there’s an entire library of videos and workouts. You can target certain areas or workout your whole body. The user interface is simple and clean paired alongside the bold lifestyle photos. Did I mention it’s free? Whee!

Here are some of the screenshots I took while taking my first tour through:

Images c/o Fit Fix

Images c/o Fit Fix

Images c/o Fit Fix

Images c/o Fit Fix

I’ll give it a first real try on Wednesday when I’m back from vacation (heading out to Las Vegas with some gal pals for some much-needed relaxation). I think I will enjoy the strength training exercises the most.

Have a safe (and moderately healthy) weekend!


Don’t Be Lazy

Image c/o American Apparel

Image c/o American Apparel

My personal mantra. I have a high tendency to laze about versus being active when given the choice, but with all the food and calorie tracking I do I have realized that I have to workout to eat. I don’t skip meals or deprive myself of a lot of specific food items so I must, must, must workout with regularity.

Over the last two years I have become very conscious of my fitness. And 25 lbs. later (crazy, right?!) I must say I am a bit of an addict. I’m lucky enough to live within four blocks of my gym and get a pretty amazing pricing deal through work. This has helped me considerably in transitioning into a morning workout person. But I’m not the perky kind – I know, those people are the worst. I roll out of bed, throw on an outfit, and go.

Becoming a regular-workouty-person I think is the hardest part. I have a specific routine that allows me to be able to exercise like I do. The most important part is twofold: having my lunch packed the night before and deciding my outfit before I get home from the gym. Without those two things, I end up being late and stressed and rushed. All not good ways to start the day. It’s all about making it work for you.

For me, at 6:15AM on my walk to the gym, I look for an elliptical and/or strength workout for the day. I like variation and never do the same one twice in one week. I carry a little notebook in my Lululemon festival bag with workouts I find online. My “Don’t Be Lazy” Pinterest board is also helpful to find ways to keep things spicy.

But by far, my favorite sporty accessory is my UP band.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.45.45 PM

It tracks my calorie burn and sleep in a mobile app and I’ve synced it to my Gym Pact and My Fitness Pal accounts. It has made me uber-aware of my activity (or lack thereof) during the day and I love knowing what I’m burning off. The handy vibration alert when I’ve been inactive for an hour is beyond. You can really cruise through the day without thinking about how long you’re sitting around. I’m sure that I could suck a lot more insights from it’s data output, but I really enjoy how I’m using it so far.

Whatever fitness goal you may have, it can be overwhelming to not be achieving as fast as you would like. I just try to remember there’s always going to be someone out there “doing it better” than me. It’s the same with work, fashion, just life. Do what works for you and what makes you happy. With that being said, I’m going to get happy and have my two birthday cake Oreos now.

Friday Find: Mixed Materials

Image c/o ASOS

Image c/o ASOS

This year for Fall, I am all about mixing materials. I have a special affinity for leather-like accents. What I wear tends to edge on the far spectrum of feminine so the harder details even me out. In a progressive edit of my closet, I’ve found I lack tops (that I actually wear) and skirts. This number from ASOS is a fun spin on a basic sweater. And for a more glamorous time, I’m really digging this one from Rhyme Los Angeles.

Hooray for trends!

The Look for Less: Jamie Chung

Image c/o Polyvore

Image c/o Polyvore

I am constantly amazed by creative people. Designers, stylists, interior decorators – I wish I had a piece of their mind. While I fancy myself to have a sense of style, the things that I find truly inspiring I just end up copying instead of thinking of them myself. But you know what they say about flattery and all that jazz and blah blah blah.

My fandom of style, bargains, and collaging orbit within the same gravitational pull that is my soul. So when I found The Look for Less feature on Polyvore I’m sure my brain lit up on a fictitious CAT scan. A fabulous outfit for less is exactly what I always need. I by no means pay that close of attention to Jamie Chung (aside from the fact that I feel like everyone forgets she started out in one of the few The Real World seasons I actually watched) but she’s giving me fly vibes in this look.

I already spent my budget for this month, but these pants might sneak their way in for September.

Nostalgia Gra(ha)ms

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 3.52.18 PM

This week I found out that my favorite coffee place in Milwaukee is changing its name from Aterra to Colectivo. My Facebook feed obviously blew up with the thoughts of other fans and I haven’t clearly defined how I feel about it. The company knows what’s right for itself, but how am I ever supposed to call it something else? The t-shirt in my drawer with the logo on the back is now considered discontinued, rare, vintage.

I revisited my memory with late nights studying for an exam and gab sessions at the quixotic Lake Michigan location seen in the “nostalgia gram” above. Incoming Marquette freshmen will not know the place that I knew. They’ll make different memories and leave me feeling behind the times.

Something else that made me feel nostalgic this week was when I made a what could be construed as weird nighttime snack (but, hey, I ate chicken and butter sandwiches for lunch just about every day of my early school career, so to me it isn’t that weird). Graham crackers + Nutella. How did I come up with this ingenious combination? Well, when my family would visit my great aunt in the tiny town of Jasper, IN, (usually for Oktoberfest, which is a surprisingly fun festival for the size of the town) she would set out a plate of graham crackers with icing for me and my siblings. I was warmly reminded of how caring she was right up until she left this earth, just one evening short of her 90th birthday.

Plenty of things will change names and addresses and colors and whatever over time. They stopped making Oreo O’s cereal – anything is possible! Will I frequent Colectivo Coffee when I visit? Sure. I will just consider myself lucky to have made the memories I did. Isn’t that the case for most memories? Some stick out like bright stars bringing up boisterous laughs of a reckless night when you got your very own full-back tattoo at the hand of your friend with a Sharpie marker.  But my favorites are usually the ones that elicit something as simple as a quiet smile for a cappuccino on a winter day (or a very special dog) gone by.


DIY: Pretty Storage

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t first start this post off with…

Image c/o E! Online

Image c/o E! Online

The royal babe is here. The past few days were the most fantastic. I am only the tiniest bit sad that he isn’t a she, but I am happy if Kate is happy. And now…back to real life.


Finally! Online shopping is actually helping me out. Besides outfitting myself, I have started converting the boxes my goodies arrive in to functional storage. It’s a very easy process and will save you money to buy NEW clothes and the economy environment! All you need is your pretty box, a pair of scissors, and clear packing tape.

Box 1

Select your box and clear out a space to work. Easy enough.

Box 2

Cut open the bottom of the box so that you can look through it, and then cut along one of the connected sides so that you can open it up to lay flat.

Box 3

Turn the box inside out and realign the edges of the connected side you just cut. The pretty side should be facing out. Next, take your clear packing tape and fashion a piece to secure the side to make the box connected once more.

Now your box should look like this!

Box 4

While it seems a little counterintuitive, re-tape the bottom of the box, which you split open earlier in Step Two.

Box 5

Then all that is left to do is fold the flaps inward and you have your very own pretty storage box!

I’m using these boxes for my DVD’s, but there are even more scattered around for craft supplies, sewing projects and catch-alls. The next step is to figure out what to do with all my Birchboxes…ideas welcome!