Rocky, Not Balboa

Image c/o Nordstrom

It’s been a bustling couple of days with grandparents and married siblings back in my hometown. Amid book reading and movie going and food chowing, I have let the diet and the blog slip a little. What can I say? I needed a little break. One thing I haven’t let slip is my vigilant eye to all things shopping.

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This is one of the better times of the year for it. You may have gift cards or extra money from holiday gifts. And the sales are bangin’ right now. I am lucky enough to live near, what I consider, the best Gap Outlet in existence. I have been eagerly planning my trip there and plan on making it quite worth my wait.

Something else I have been eagerly planning is my purchase of a pair of riding boots. I finally took the plunge! They are the Corso Como ‘Rocky’ boot in Coffee (seen above). They are a Nordstrom exclusive and, pending the fit, I will have to control myself to avoid purchasing the other two colors. PS they were on sale AND I used a gift card. La, la, la for me!

Even though it has been a wonderful trip back home, I am looking forward to returning back to my apartment. I have some rearranging to do to make room for my Christmas gifts. Not a super big haul this year but I did get my sewing machine (talked about here)! I will most likely have to be peeled away from that thing.

Last on my holiday break list, finishing my book that has taken me WAY too long already and awaiting the arrival of my New Year’s Eve dress. Oh the agony.


J. Crew Boots for You

Image c/o J. Crew

Wowzers. Sorry for the delay in posting. Actual work is getting the best of me and with all the travel I have really taken a backseat. I hope this will make it up to you. That is, if you’re even reading this, which is dumb to say because you clearly are if you’re reading this…I’ll stop.

The brick and mortar J. Crew is best to visit during the dead of winter. By then, it’s resort wear time. I find that the second you step inside, all bundled up in your parka, you immediately regret that you do not own a beach house because, according to J. Crew’s walls and tables, you should be on vacation you mouth-breather. I enviously gaze at the skirts and critter flip-flops and internally weep. It at least gets you excited for the warmer months however far away they are in actuality. #firstworldproblems

My latest obsession is filling the holes in my wardrobe. Funny how I see my wardrobe as a bottomless pit, always eager for just one more piece. I recently purchased a pair of ankle boots like the pair seen above from J. Crew. I am digging the laces not-too-fussy-or-stuffy detailing. I decided to build an outfit around it from the ample archives and some from the sale section of the site. These boots make me want to go totally artsy, upscale hipster.

Let’s start from the top. Ba dum chhh.

Image c/o J. Crew

Image c/o J. Crew

Tank, Whisper Linen Striped Tank in Dusty Sage. J. Crew, SALE: $24.99

This tank is super lightweight and a good base for building on all your layers. I am about stripes. I just am.

Jacket, Utility Fleece Sherpa-Lined Hoodie in Bench Green, J. Crew, SALE: $88

Okay, so maybe I play for both teams. If it means I’ll get what I want, I’m not above…shopping in the men’s department. They usually have the smaller items that might not survive the onslaught of crazed women who are swooping them the moment they go on sale up while you’re asleep. Plus, men’s clothes tend to be really comfy because they don’t know how to sacrifice for fashion like we do. And to top you off…

Image c/o J. Crew

Puffer, Excursion Quilted Vest in Black, J. Crew, $98.00

Sorry this one isn’t on sale (yet). Every lady should have a puffer vest. It very rarely makes you look rounder if that’s your fear. As long as it doesn’t look supremely tight after you have all your layers on, I say you’re golden. And warm.

Image c/o J. Crew

Jeans, Downtown Skinny Jean  in Pearly Blue Wash, J. Crew, SALE: $69.99

These jeans will be perfect for tucking into the top of the boots and will ensure that the whole look is not too dark. Don’t forget some patterned socks! Fun socks for me are like fancy underwear for most. You may not see them, but I know that I’m wearing socks that have cows on them and that makes me feel sexy.

Image c/o J. Crew

Bracelet, Crystal Brulee Bracelet in Rouge, J. Crew, $45.00

Scarf, Metallic Snood, J. Crew, $49.50

These last two are just icing on the cake. I am needing the bling to remind me that I’m still a girly girl despite the hard exterior of the boots. And the snood is fabulous because it’s called a “snood”, people. That’s awesome.

November Wishlist

I am OBSESSED with November. It is my birthday month and it is Thanksgiving time and it is almost Christmas time. There’s Black Friday, football games, the return of caroling and the hypnotic smell of turkey and falling leaves. The only qualms I have with November are: A) the birthstone is topaz (which I think could have been better) and B), for some terrible reason, all the calendars that I’ve ever seen have a dumb picture for November. Trust me. I check almost every calendar and I am most often disappointed.

One of my favorite things to do at the start of every month is create a wish list of items I would like to add to my closet. November is great because it’s just on the verge of being cold enough for lots of layers and warm enough to not need your parka quite yet. Though where I live, I will probably break out the parka earlier than most. C’est la vie…As a tribute to November, here are 11 things I’m loving.

Images c/o Anthropologie and ModCloth

ONE: Sweater, Floating Chrysalis Cowlneck in Grey, Anthropologie, $118

I am loving this sweater because it is light, billowy and airy versus woolen and chunky. Don’t get me wrong- I love the chunky knit, but this just makes me feel more Autumn.

TWO: Dress, Harvest Season Dress, ModCloth, $44.99

I am way into orange this season. This is the perfect staple to build around and it can translate throughout the seasons.

Images c/o James Jeans and Piperlime

THREE: Jeans, Reboot Vixen, James Jeans, $158

I am a recent fan of James Jeans because they seem to be the best fit for pear shapes in a long while. There’s no gap in the waist! This is a pair of skinny boot leg, which are popping up all over these days. Luckily I can wear jeans to work so I like having a variety.

FOUR: Wellies, Original Short in Green, Hunter, $115

Already a proud owner of the tall Hunter welly, I am thinking that the short version will be just as lovely and fun. I wear my boots almost every day during the snowy months and they are lifesavers. The welly socks, which I highly recommend, are so warm you’d swear your feet were on the equator.

Images c/o Target and Forever 21

FIVE: Tights, Merona Womens Dot Tights in Grey, Target, $10

I live in skirts and dresses. When it comes time to stay warm, tights are my best option. I don’t like to get too crazy, but pattern tights are an easy way to spice things up.

SIX: Necklace, Pocket Heart Locket Necklace, Forever 21, $4.80

The true bargain of the bunch. Forever 21 is my go-to for accessories. They’re a steal so I can really indulge in my want for outfit decorations. This locket has that romantic vintage-y look to it and I really like the little pearls and the added bow. I typically gravitate towards long chains because they’re great for…you guessed it…layering!

Images c/o Nordstrom and Echo

SEVEN: Boots, Corso Como ‘Rocky’ Boot in Coffee, Nordstrom, $198.95

I believe these to be my riding boot sole mate (pun intended). They are simple, elegant, and stretch for wider calves. I’m still not over the fact that my calves are considered wide. That aside, these are gems.

EIGHT: Gloves, Ruffled Echo Touch Glove in Purple, Echo, $35

I have been putting off buying these for years. I don’t know exactly why (because they are genius) save that there are just so many different styles and colors that I simply cannot make up my mind. The index finger and thumb have a special pad that allows you to touch your smartphone screen without taking off your gloves. Fabulous.

Images c/o Urban Outfitters and HM

NINE: Jacket, Sparkle and Fade Leatherette Jacket, Urban Outfitters, $129

My clothes tend to be very feminine, which makes sense because I am female, but, I like to balance it out sometimes. This jacket is a suitable contrast to all the lace and ruffles and it doubles as regular ol’ outerwear. I am leaning toward shearling this season so this subtle hint makes me giddy.

TEN: Skirt, Skirt in Grey, H&M, $12.95

I won’t give up on finding the perfect accordian skirt. Something about the way it simulates a texture, I think. This grey is perfect for muting more colorful accompanying pieces. And for that price, I’ll take it.

Image c/o Amazon

ELEVEN: Book, Vogue The Covers, Amazon, $31.50

I’m a magazine hoarder. I subscribe to a fair amount of mags and I like to thoroughly go through each one to make sure I don’t miss out on a new idea for any facet of my life. Vogue is my go-to for art. I rip out my favorite ads or stories and frame them or pin them up at work. Having a collection of the best covers, while not framable (although I will have to sincerely resist), is a welcome addition to my book shelf.

So there’s my list! Have the happiest of Novembers!