Halloween, If I Liked It

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{Easy DIY Balloons}

I notoriously am not a fan of Halloween. Perhaps it’s the effort of picking a costume. Perhaps it’s not wanting to be scared. Perhaps it’s the desire to stay inside where it is warm instead of wearing a coat over the costume I just spent a week of thought-energy on.

I can’t even remember what I did last year. Not a surprise but it’s also a demonstration of my general apathy for the holiday. The year before last I was an engaged Kate Middleton. I did everything right – the (imitation) blue dress and engagement ring were in tow. It was pretty brilliant. So this year I have a follow up and I am almost (almost) a little disappointed that I don’t have any plans on the horizon. Because if I did, I would be this:

Kate Costume

Yes, I would carry that baby around all night. All I’m missing are those luscious locks…#hairenvy.

Who are we kidding? I’ll probably end up happily cozy on my couch with a pumpkin bev and a bowl of candy loving every minute of it.

Be safe out there trick-or-treaters!


LLWD: Lace Little White Dress

As pre-fall fashion window displays continue popping up along Michigan Avenue, I want to politely tell them (because there’s no room for rudeness at Chanel) that it can’t possibly be time for that because we just got pre-summer weather. On Cupcakes & Cashmere a few days ago, the lace little white dress exuded an especially summery feeling. Unfortunately, the price tag gave me a “help me, I’m poor” feeling.

Image c/o Shopbop

Image c/o Shopbop

{Dolce Vita Jeralyn Dress, Shopbop, $264}

No matter. With the help of my trusty virtual shopping buddy, Polyvore, I was able to find three very suitable alternatives.

Image c/o Forever21

Image c/o Forever21

{Floral Embroidered Mesh Dress, Forever21, $29.80}

Image c/o H&M

Image c/o H&M

{Airy Dress, H&M, $19.95}

Image c/o Threadsense

Image c/o Threadsence

{Wild Heart Crocheted Detail Dress, Threadsence, $39.00}

I’m in my own LLWD today and can’t help but fantasize about expanding my collection with any one of these gems. Come August when my personal online shopping embargo ends (yes, you read correctly. I am not online clothes shopping for all of July and doing very well, thank you, Doubting Thomas!), you can bet that I will be hunting for more.

Go for the Gold

Image c/o Rikkle

Image c/o Rikkle

(Side note: I love Kate Winslet and I missed her at this year’s Golden Globes. Sad face.)

I actively participate in three awards shows a year: the Emmys, the Golden Globes, and, of course, the Oscars. By “participate” I mean talk and text my thoughts to anything within earshot while it’s on. I criticize the dresses that are ugly, I laugh at the host’s jokes, I cheer for who I think I should win, I stomp my feet when they lose, and I cry at the acceptance speeches.

This year I was overall pleased with the actual awards results. I was elated that Ben Affleck won for Best Director and then Argo went and won Best Picture, Drama. In short: I love Adele’s accent, Anne Hathaway was entirely too clingy on Amanda Seyfried when Les Mis won, and I must find a way to start watching Homeland and Girls.

The fashion is really what I’m in it for. Usually everyone jumps on board with the color of the moment, but I feel like everyone went with their gut and that is commendable. In short: lots of high slits, lots of sleeves, lots of variety. There were three special looks of the night that I want to call out and while some also call out the worst, I will refrain. Not because I’m a nice person, but because my fingers tire of all this typing.

Best Dressed #3: Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta

Image c/o EOnline

Image c/o EOnline

Even after having two kids, she puts us to shame. She’s not my most favorite actress, but she seems like a normal, nice person. Her necklace with that neckline and that hair are really what sold it for me. She looks really fresh.

Best Dressed #2 and 1.5: Ben Affleck in Gucci and Jennifer Garner in Vivienne Westwood

Image c/o Pop Sugar

Image c/o Pop Sugar

These two get a joint award. Together they look so in love and so gorgeous. I don’t even like facial hair, but Ben is simply rocking it. The icing on the cake was watching him make his acceptance speech and show love for Jennifer knowing that the other Jennifer (Lopez, that is) was sitting in that very room listening. Ben’s winning awards and she’s dating a backup dancer. Sweet, sweet victory.

Best Dressed #1: Kristen Wiig in Michael Kors

Image c/o EOnline

Image c/o EOnline

Just. Wow. I was so impressed by Kristen Wiig. She looks so effortless and her bod is fierce. I’ve been really into gold jewelry lately so this was hitting my sweet spot. While, black is an easy color to go to, I will stand by and applaud her.

Who was your favorite? Who’s pumped for the Oscars?!

Gap Addict

Image c/o Gap

Eyelet Dress, Gap, $34.99 SALE

Why? Wore to a wedding. Obviously bought the navy one, which is now not available. Obviously.

I’ve been suffering from a total addiction to Gap lately. Here is what I think may be provoking me to shop there:

  • It’s summer and I like to throw on easy outfits
  • It’s the Olympics and I am having an Americana moment
  • I’ve lost weight so I’m updating my wardrobe with clothes that fit
  • I live and work very close to the store
  • I have linked my Gap card to my account profile and that makes online shopping super easy (probably a bad idea in hindsight)
  • They have many amazing sales and I buy almost nothing at retail (one is going on now BTW)

These are not just images of what I think is cute. These are things I have actually purchased to possibly communicate to myself that Gap and I need to go “on a break”. I wrote a Why? blurb to justify that I’m not just buying for the sake of buying. There was a purpose. Is this a cry for help?

Image c/o Gap

Roll-Sleeve Shirtdress, Gap, $59.95

Why? A shirtdress is an essential staple. I have been wearing a lot of white, too.


Image c/o Gap

1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, Gap, $69.95

Why? I’m starting to experiment with new styles. The boyfriend jean is my first project. This color goes with everything and they’re very comfy. I’m wearing them right now actually. With a striped shirt just like the model. Totally unplanned. I didn’t completely copy because you know I am not wearing heels.

Image c/o Gap

Gap Pure Ribbed Dress, Gap, $49.00

Why? I tried this on on a whim. I don’t usually wear body con, but I thought I would give it a whirl on my improved figure. It turned out to be beyond comfortable and chic. It was exactly what my 10 hour plane ride for vacation demanded.

Image c/o Gap

1969 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, Gap, $69.95

Why? Usually, Gap is the only brand that can fit me and my pear-shape. Usually. Sometimes it is a complete miss, but, eh, it happens. I head straight for pants that are mid-rise because we Pears know that too low of a rise is bad news. I fell in love with these jeans and buying them in a size smaller than my typical size was the cherry.

Image c/o Gap

Suede Loafers, Gap, $39.95

Why? I haven’t met a Gap shoe that I bought and didn’t like. They just came out with a bunch of new loafers that are just precious. These make me want to walk to get a scone.

I heart you, Gap.

Jean Vest + Maxi Dress

Today is the first day that I officially get to shop again. I have been buzzing all morning and can’t wait to hit the streets at the close of business today. A carefully crafted list was created to keep me from amassing a heaping pile of things that I really don’t need yet may be induced to buy in a shopping blackout.

One combo of an outfit has my current (and fleeting) attention. In the last issue of InStylethere lived a spread featuring the jean vest with the maxi dress. I lack either of the two items I have laid out for you. There are a few midi dresses in my closet so, for me, the maxi dress just seems like a natural extension. The jean vest is just a dressing-down element that makes it/me cooler.

In my search, I see a softer patterned, sweeping dress paired with the vest and some sandals. The pic in the magazine had a long necklace, too.

Image c/o Forever 21

Images c/o Piperlime

1. Vest, Forever 21, No Longer Available Online

2. Dress, Rebecca Taylor Tie Dye Smocked Silk Dress, Piperlime, FINAL SALE: $197.97

3. Dress, Collective Concepts Paintbrush Strokes Maxi Dress, Piperlime, $89

4. Dress, LA Made Cami Maxi Dress, Piperlime, $123

5 o’clock can’t be here soon enough!


Image c/o J Brand

The fashion world is moving too fast towards springtime trends. Sure, there is crazy weather out there, but I’m just not ready for super bright colors yet. Perhaps that is because there is a winter storm warning in effect in my area. No flip flops for me.

Regardless of the actual weather, neons are practically bursting at the seams in every storefront, both of the virtual and physical variety, and on runways around the globe. A trend that I am particularly inspired by is neo-neutrals. As I understand it, this is a unique pairing where the loudness of a neon is hushed by a neutral. Maybe a white tee with a sweet, hot pink necklace (I’m DYING to DIY this one from The Glitter Guide. I can’t even STAND how fierce it is). I hope you’ll see, in the pics below, that this goodness only sounds strange. The visual is much more appealing, much like the Nutella grilled cheese I came across on Cup of Jo.

The above jeans from J Brand are a fine example of the colored denim that is becoming cool for the next season (finally!). Gap has some more affordable pairs that are just as colorful (as well as a heap of neutrals to go with your neons), though I don’t know how comfortable I am with their new “lightweight denim.” It feels papery thin. Maybe it’s just me.

Images c/o J. Crew

Left: Top, Colorblock Stripe Boatneck Tee in Neon Pink Chalkboard, J. Crew, $45.00

Right: Belt, Patent Leather Skinny Belt in Neon Azalea, J. Crew, $36.50

This top was recently seen on Cupcakes and Cashmere. It features the beloved classic, stripes, with the surprise of neon. It makes me think of a yacht party. The belt would be perfect on a shift dress or a pair of khakis. I feel like this type of accessory would do just as well in the dreariness of winter chills.

Images c/o Nordstrom

Left: Sandal, DV by Dolce Vita ‘Archer’ Sandal, Nordstrom, $68.95

Right: Wedge, ALDO ‘Brimfield’ Wedge Sandal, Nordstrom, $89.95

Neo-neutrals aren’t just limited to above the ankle! Put some on your footies. I love, love, love sandals. Almost as much as I love ballet flats. I like that the gold is glamming up an otherwise average sandal. The same goes for the hints of pink the paint the edges of the wedge. It’s not too, too bold, which I dig. It gives off the feeling equivalence of a wink.

Images c/o Ideeli

Left: Dress, W118 By Walter Baker Peach/White Ella Dress, Ideeli, SALE: $69.99

Right: Dress, Green Envelope Colorblock Racerback Dress, Ideeli, SALE: $49.99

If I wasn’t committed to honoring my Lenten promise of no-clothes-shopping, I would have already scooped up both of these jah-mazing dresses. They have everything one could want:

  • Trendsetting: neo-neutrals
  • Trendsetting x2: colorblocking
  • Feminine bow detail
  • Flattering shape
  • Interesting backs (!!)

I am sorry to say they are just on flash sale so I may be doomed to simply  search for them on the internets in April. I have to keep telling myself that I’m spending too much money anyway on my big move. It helps me cope.

In other news, today is my very last day at my first big girl job out of college. I had a great learning experience here and met some wonderful people- well, person, really. Don’t worry, tiny handful of followers! I still plan to continue blogging post-move.

Have a fab-o weekend!