DIY: Hangover Fairy Kit

Hangover FairyI know you’re clamoring to know how it went and I can now officially say that the bachelorette party was a rousing success. Adult women group sleepovers are the best and I’m glad that my apartment was able to handle all the commotion.

One of the surprises I put together for everyone was a hangover fairy kit. I looked around the Internet for ideas of what to include and all-in-all had a pretty good round up. I tried to think of what you would need before, during, or after the big night of fun. It had to be compact and useful. The finishing touch was a reusable bag that I decorated with love and each attendee’s first initial. Oh, and word to the wise, no party from here on out is complete without its own hashtag.

{Starting from top left}

  • Advil for your head and unexplained bruises
  • Ring Pops for something sweet
  • Hair ties for the morning-after pj-run to Starbucks (yeah that happened)
  • Mini Orbit for after that coffee and before you’re able to stand and brush your teeth
  • Lip balm for smiling in Snapchats
  • Mini nail files for avoiding pretty dress snags
  • Antibac for use before diving into the early morning plate of fries (also happened)
  • Face wipes for wiping away raccoon eyes
  • Gatorade for sustenance
  • Paper bag for accidents
  • Reusable bag for remembering the hazy times

Carrie’s Curls

Image c/o of HBO

Image c/o of HBO

It’s no secret that I fantasize about being besties with Carrie Bradshaw. She’s right up there with this absurd and sometimes disturbing (to outsiders and my “loyal” friends) love affair. Among the myriad of life lessons (I’m dead serious) that I gleaned from her, the one that I learned to embrace the most was to love my curly hair.

For years I straightened the ish out of it, but these days I’m au naturale, to the lamentation of my boyfriend who wishes I went straight more often. Don’t misunderstand him, he likes it curly too. Today he would be disappointed though because it’s in the no-hair-do-zone. But I digress. I have come to love my hair more than ever because I have finally figured out how to manage it. And it only took me years of experimenting!

My hair is pretty spiral-y on its own, i.e. without any finger curling, and hits right around my shoulder blades. It is also prone to frizz at the slightest hint of moisture in the air, hence the less than frequent straightening. While it’s not incredibly thick, I have a ton of body. A favorite party trick is brushing my hair out upside down and then flipping it back upright. It scares small children. My strands can get pretty dry and cause split-ends to come rather quickly if I’m not careful. I have tried so many different products throughout the years with not much luck, but I feel as though my hair and I have come to a truce. So without further ado, I will share my super fun routine (and I LOVE routines).

I will only wash my hair (when I can help it) with moisturizing (not necessarily curl-specific) shampoo and conditioner. Though I have no g0-to because I’m so fickle and non-loyal when it comes to that stuff. I just flit around from brand to brand, especially if something new is released.

Image c/o

Image c/o

First step out of the shower for curly girls: a microfiber towel like the Turbie Twist. While a tad bizarre-looking when worn and sold on TV, trust me, it works. A regular bath towel will create more frizz and I now cannot live without this.

Even Kyle Richards likes it.

Image c/o Ladylike Insanity

Image c/o Ladylike Insanity

I don’t leave my hair up for long because my hair needs product to be applied while it’s about 85% damp. I read somewhere in a magazine, maybe it was Real Simple, that you should layer your products on from lightest to heaviest. I have adopted this as it applies to my hair as well as to my face. Misting on a leave-in conditioner that I got at my salon has become my Step #2. While it’s a good product, I don’t think I’ll buy it again because I think I can find something more middle-of-the-road price-wise (I’m adding a lot of hyphens today) that will work just as well.

Then, I bring in my all-time favorite product that has been the source of all my rapture. One month my Birchbox brought me a sample of Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls. The first time I used it, I was not pleased, but after playing with different amounts of product applied, I finally found a sweet spot.

Image c/o Miss Jessie's

Image c/o Miss Jessie’s

I am beyond picky when it comes to curl products. Usually everything ends up so crunchy and disgusting. Miss Jessie’s leaves my hair manageable and touchable. Currently, I’m using a bottle of their Pillow Soft Curls, which I like just as much. I can’t wait to keep building on to my arsenal with this brand. They’re bananas.

About a quarter-sized dollop will do just fine for me. I flip my head over and comb some through the ends, working my way up. Once I feel like it’s evenly applied, I lightly scrunch my whole head so the curls shape up a little better. Finger curling key pieces, like my bangs and some pieces on top, really helps to define how they will dry.

My bestie and college roommate was the one who first introduced me to a diffuser. I had no idea they existed! What a miracle and blessing it has been.

Image c/o Target

Image c/o Target

This one by Revlon is one of my limbs and I hope never to part with it. Its cousin, the travel-sized version, just became my newest companion. The secret to the final step of drying is the cold air setting featured on the dryers, which helps to set my hair.

I know you were probably expecting a grand finale since you read this much, but this is it. Once my hair is dry I do nothing more, except a spritz of hair spray if it happens to be particularly windy. Then I’m just another (curly-haired) girl in the world.

Go for the Gold

Image c/o Rikkle

Image c/o Rikkle

(Side note: I love Kate Winslet and I missed her at this year’s Golden Globes. Sad face.)

I actively participate in three awards shows a year: the Emmys, the Golden Globes, and, of course, the Oscars. By “participate” I mean talk and text my thoughts to anything within earshot while it’s on. I criticize the dresses that are ugly, I laugh at the host’s jokes, I cheer for who I think I should win, I stomp my feet when they lose, and I cry at the acceptance speeches.

This year I was overall pleased with the actual awards results. I was elated that Ben Affleck won for Best Director and then Argo went and won Best Picture, Drama. In short: I love Adele’s accent, Anne Hathaway was entirely too clingy on Amanda Seyfried when Les Mis won, and I must find a way to start watching Homeland and Girls.

The fashion is really what I’m in it for. Usually everyone jumps on board with the color of the moment, but I feel like everyone went with their gut and that is commendable. In short: lots of high slits, lots of sleeves, lots of variety. There were three special looks of the night that I want to call out and while some also call out the worst, I will refrain. Not because I’m a nice person, but because my fingers tire of all this typing.

Best Dressed #3: Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta

Image c/o EOnline

Image c/o EOnline

Even after having two kids, she puts us to shame. She’s not my most favorite actress, but she seems like a normal, nice person. Her necklace with that neckline and that hair are really what sold it for me. She looks really fresh.

Best Dressed #2 and 1.5: Ben Affleck in Gucci and Jennifer Garner in Vivienne Westwood

Image c/o Pop Sugar

Image c/o Pop Sugar

These two get a joint award. Together they look so in love and so gorgeous. I don’t even like facial hair, but Ben is simply rocking it. The icing on the cake was watching him make his acceptance speech and show love for Jennifer knowing that the other Jennifer (Lopez, that is) was sitting in that very room listening. Ben’s winning awards and she’s dating a backup dancer. Sweet, sweet victory.

Best Dressed #1: Kristen Wiig in Michael Kors

Image c/o EOnline

Image c/o EOnline

Just. Wow. I was so impressed by Kristen Wiig. She looks so effortless and her bod is fierce. I’ve been really into gold jewelry lately so this was hitting my sweet spot. While, black is an easy color to go to, I will stand by and applaud her.

Who was your favorite? Who’s pumped for the Oscars?!

Scarf You Down

Image c/o Cup of Jo

Oh joy, oh rapture! What do I not love about this girl? I don’t love that I’m not her best friend. From her polka dot tights to her infinity scarf that is scarfing her down (yes, pun, yes) to that TOP KNOT/bang combo. I told you those would be huge (see here and here). Stick with me. We’re goin’ places.

Image c/o Cup of Jo

To that satchel and those Oxfords too. Just bravo. Spoiler alert: now you know what I’ll be wearing/looking exactly like tomorrow.

Happy December!

Zooey (and Kate) Crazy

Image c/o Us Weekly

BUT FIRST I must take pause to discuss my #sidechick, Kate (sorry, Honey, but you already knew this). It’s hard to believe that almost a year ago, I woke up in my post-birthday glow/haze, turned on the news (as is my ritual in the morning), and my life as I knew it changed because Kate and William announced their engagement. The crazy thing was that I had never paid particular attention to the couple. Forgive my Twilight reference here but, it was almost as if in that moment I imprinted on Kate. I rapidly fell into an obsession and an almost unconditional love for her. There is no explanation for it. I just…love her.

So anyway! Apparently there are rumors that her eggo is preggo because over the weekend she declined to eat peanut paste, which I can only assume is the weird British equivalent to peanut butter. Even weirder is that Europeans don’t really like peanut butter. Ya. Still not over that. So we’ll see if it ends up being true. Poor girl gets hounded for being pregnant because she touches her belly (or where her belly should be) a couple times. We know one thing for sure, she’ll be a Rachel Zoe pregnant, i.e. are-you-really-pregnant-because-you’re-too-skinny-to-tell-and-I-hate-you-but-I-love-you.

Image c/o Molempire

Big topic change. My apartment loves New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. I have a girl crush on her because her character is a dork, like me. I don’t think I’m that…shall we say, clueless about the ways of the world at times. She has a pretty fly wardrobe and lovely hair. The show is funny to boot. You have hence received your recommendation to watch it.

Image c/o IMDB

Image c/o IMDb

She’s just so quirky and cute. Thus, over the weekend when I got my haircut, I got her bangs! I’ve had bangs for years, but haven’t tried them like this for a while. I had an unfortunate experience at student salon. Still have nightmares.

Did I mention I love her dresses? Love.

Image c/o Dani Helau's Blog

It’s too bad she and her husband areseparating. Final words: Her singing isn’t my style, but every Christmas I enjoy watching her in Elf. Team Zooey.

Top K(no)t

Image c/o Suicidal Brunette

What she is thinking: This top knot owns.

Before I met my male partner in crime (euphemism for “boyfriend,” stay with me here), I was the top knot’s fan club president. My hair is super good at one thing and that is sucking any moisture out of the air thereby ruining the hour of effort it took to get it to look normal in the first place. So to tame my curly mane I would throw it up in a high bun. I was tickled to see the emergence of the top knot as a popular hairstyle. Finally my solution for my own hair was becoming socially acceptable. Now the aforementioned partner has, on more than one occasion, gently and not so gently suggested that the top knot should be retired. I have since demoted from a starring role in the movie of my life, but it still makes a cameo.

Image c/o Wit & Delight

What is a top knot, you ask? For me, it’s a literal translation. It is a bun, usually tightly wrapped, on the top of your head. It, thus, looks like a knot. There are successes and frightening fails. The art is to try and get it to look more effortlessly chic and less at-home face lift.

Image c/o Now Magazine

Image c/o Glamour

Image c/o Moodboard

The above are successes because they’re not trying too hard. Mandy Moore lets some wisps fall out while Elizabeth Olsen keeps it controlled yet free of large amounts of product. The last girl is just fierce and I want her outfit and hair on my person.

And then…sometimes…just no.

Image c/o Hollywood Pics

Kourtney K is a repeat offender of the too-tight-top knot. You may think it’s the widow’s peak that throws it off, but there are many out there, me included, that don’t suffer this way. Let it breathe, girl. I’m getting a headache just looking at it and that blouse. Is it me or is it obnoxious in here?

The takeaway from today’s lesson is this: Own the knot. Be the knot. Love the knot. Otherwise, you and the top knot should (k)not .