Can I Wear NYDJ?

No, it doesn’t mean “New York Denim Jacket.” Nor does it mean “Navy Yuppie Designer Jammies.” NYDJ is the convenient acronym for the brand, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.

Before I dive in to my always-compelling thoughts, let’s get one thing straight: I don’t have a daughter. Hence, my question posed to the universe.

Image c/o Nordstrom

When I first saw this brand in an issue of Vogue some-odd years ago, I was immediately turned off by the name. Awkward and long. Maybe it worked as a tag line, but as a name? Nah. Their jeans are supposed to make you look and feel one size smaller. I’m down with that, but I just couldn’t get on board with the brand. I continued flipping past the ads over and over until…now.

The Fall 2012 Lookbook is (in the words of Rachel Zoe) beyond. My brain is so torn. On the one hand, these styles are fresh and inspiring and I could 1,000% see them on my leggies. On the other hand, this brand is not geared towards my generation. Secondary questions pop up: Is this like shopping at Chico’s when I haven’t graduated from J. Crew? Does the tag in  your pants really matter?

To the latter, many would say, “No, of course it doesn’t matter.” To those people I say, “Have you read my blog?” Labels are important to me. A part of me feels hypocritical though because when it comes to size, I will wear anything fabulous that fits. I have pants in my closet ranging from a 4 to a 12. Crazy, I know, but in this world of unstandardized garment measurements, I throw caution into the stylish winds!

I mean, c’MON. Look at these pants!

Image c/o NYDJ

Jade Legging in Corduroy Dark Teal, NYDJ, $98

Fall is for rich colors, rich jewel tones. Dark teal? Yes, please.

Image c/o NYDJ

Sheri Skinny in Fine Line Venetian Rose, NYDJ, $110

This isn’t the first time I’ve told you, my trusty reader, that these jeans are for those that exude greatness.

Image c/o NYDJ

Angelina Legging in Coated Denim Black, NYDJ, $140

A faux leather finish with precious ankle zippers keep things interesting.

Image c/o NYDJ

Sherri Skinny in Python Print Fine Line Twill Plumberry, NYDJ, $130

And finally, the jeans that made me change my tune. Firstly, along with jewel tones, printed denim is so in for next season. This python is fierce and sexy. A must-have (everything feels like a “must-have,” doesn’t it?). Secondly, anything the color of “plumberry” makes me want to eat it (that’s a good thing).

So, friends, after reading this I need your help. You’ve seen the evidence. You’ve heard the testimony. Please do me the sincere favor and give me your honest verdict (did you like the law humor there?): can I wear NYDJ?


Gap Addict

Image c/o Gap

Eyelet Dress, Gap, $34.99 SALE

Why? Wore to a wedding. Obviously bought the navy one, which is now not available. Obviously.

I’ve been suffering from a total addiction to Gap lately. Here is what I think may be provoking me to shop there:

  • It’s summer and I like to throw on easy outfits
  • It’s the Olympics and I am having an Americana moment
  • I’ve lost weight so I’m updating my wardrobe with clothes that fit
  • I live and work very close to the store
  • I have linked my Gap card to my account profile and that makes online shopping super easy (probably a bad idea in hindsight)
  • They have many amazing sales and I buy almost nothing at retail (one is going on now BTW)

These are not just images of what I think is cute. These are things I have actually purchased to possibly communicate to myself that Gap and I need to go “on a break”. I wrote a Why? blurb to justify that I’m not just buying for the sake of buying. There was a purpose. Is this a cry for help?

Image c/o Gap

Roll-Sleeve Shirtdress, Gap, $59.95

Why? A shirtdress is an essential staple. I have been wearing a lot of white, too.


Image c/o Gap

1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, Gap, $69.95

Why? I’m starting to experiment with new styles. The boyfriend jean is my first project. This color goes with everything and they’re very comfy. I’m wearing them right now actually. With a striped shirt just like the model. Totally unplanned. I didn’t completely copy because you know I am not wearing heels.

Image c/o Gap

Gap Pure Ribbed Dress, Gap, $49.00

Why? I tried this on on a whim. I don’t usually wear body con, but I thought I would give it a whirl on my improved figure. It turned out to be beyond comfortable and chic. It was exactly what my 10 hour plane ride for vacation demanded.

Image c/o Gap

1969 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, Gap, $69.95

Why? Usually, Gap is the only brand that can fit me and my pear-shape. Usually. Sometimes it is a complete miss, but, eh, it happens. I head straight for pants that are mid-rise because we Pears know that too low of a rise is bad news. I fell in love with these jeans and buying them in a size smaller than my typical size was the cherry.

Image c/o Gap

Suede Loafers, Gap, $39.95

Why? I haven’t met a Gap shoe that I bought and didn’t like. They just came out with a bunch of new loafers that are just precious. These make me want to walk to get a scone.

I heart you, Gap.

Kate’s the Spring in My Step

Image c/o US Weekly

The happiest of Springs to all! The dreaded Winter is gone at last! [Insert evil cackle here] Most of America is experiencing weather more frequently found in Summer, which is fine by me because I love wearing the ballet flat’s cousin, the sandal. Now that I think about it, I am a very picky dresser. I don’t usually wear shorts or khakis or pumps or espadrilles or wedges, but never say never (but I didn’t say never, but it seems to fit here). I do put my foot down (pun intended) when it comes to what are being called wedges (like these), which is really a euphemism for clown shoe.

Anyway. If you pay an iota of attention to the news, you more than likely saw Kate Middleton in a (now famous) pair of coral jeans. I will happily jump on that bandwagon as this season is all about color. I know this because InStyle came in the mail yesterday and it told me so. I sound really brain dead saying all of this, but I really do like to follow what is hip and happening. These jeans? They’re happening. And hip, just to cover all of our bases. Other celebs, like Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker, love them as well.

It was her other coral jeans outfit that I most fancied. She has an innate ability to dress classically with a modern twist. You can see that her outfit is prim and proper, but the coral color makes it all current and on trend.

Image c/o Glamour

Anyone can create this outfit right out of their own closet with just a few easy pieces; some you may already have!

Images c/o Macy’s, The Outnet, and Oasis

Jeans, Joe’s Jeans The Skinny Jeans in Geranium, Macy’s, $158

Scarf, Lily and Lionel French Scene Wool and Silk-Blend Scarf, The Outnet, SALE: $107.25

Jacket, Double Breasted Soft Jacket in Navy, Oasis, SALE: $45

Grab a white t-shirt and your choice of shoe (I personally would have done a nude or gold flat, but I’m not a princess so…) and you’re out the door! It’s a great start to your spring wardrobe.

If you are as obsessed with Kate’s style as I am, hop over to this blog I found today: Kate Middleton Style Blog. I am sure there are more out there, but this one is top notch.


Image c/o J Brand

The fashion world is moving too fast towards springtime trends. Sure, there is crazy weather out there, but I’m just not ready for super bright colors yet. Perhaps that is because there is a winter storm warning in effect in my area. No flip flops for me.

Regardless of the actual weather, neons are practically bursting at the seams in every storefront, both of the virtual and physical variety, and on runways around the globe. A trend that I am particularly inspired by is neo-neutrals. As I understand it, this is a unique pairing where the loudness of a neon is hushed by a neutral. Maybe a white tee with a sweet, hot pink necklace (I’m DYING to DIY this one from The Glitter Guide. I can’t even STAND how fierce it is). I hope you’ll see, in the pics below, that this goodness only sounds strange. The visual is much more appealing, much like the Nutella grilled cheese I came across on Cup of Jo.

The above jeans from J Brand are a fine example of the colored denim that is becoming cool for the next season (finally!). Gap has some more affordable pairs that are just as colorful (as well as a heap of neutrals to go with your neons), though I don’t know how comfortable I am with their new “lightweight denim.” It feels papery thin. Maybe it’s just me.

Images c/o J. Crew

Left: Top, Colorblock Stripe Boatneck Tee in Neon Pink Chalkboard, J. Crew, $45.00

Right: Belt, Patent Leather Skinny Belt in Neon Azalea, J. Crew, $36.50

This top was recently seen on Cupcakes and Cashmere. It features the beloved classic, stripes, with the surprise of neon. It makes me think of a yacht party. The belt would be perfect on a shift dress or a pair of khakis. I feel like this type of accessory would do just as well in the dreariness of winter chills.

Images c/o Nordstrom

Left: Sandal, DV by Dolce Vita ‘Archer’ Sandal, Nordstrom, $68.95

Right: Wedge, ALDO ‘Brimfield’ Wedge Sandal, Nordstrom, $89.95

Neo-neutrals aren’t just limited to above the ankle! Put some on your footies. I love, love, love sandals. Almost as much as I love ballet flats. I like that the gold is glamming up an otherwise average sandal. The same goes for the hints of pink the paint the edges of the wedge. It’s not too, too bold, which I dig. It gives off the feeling equivalence of a wink.

Images c/o Ideeli

Left: Dress, W118 By Walter Baker Peach/White Ella Dress, Ideeli, SALE: $69.99

Right: Dress, Green Envelope Colorblock Racerback Dress, Ideeli, SALE: $49.99

If I wasn’t committed to honoring my Lenten promise of no-clothes-shopping, I would have already scooped up both of these jah-mazing dresses. They have everything one could want:

  • Trendsetting: neo-neutrals
  • Trendsetting x2: colorblocking
  • Feminine bow detail
  • Flattering shape
  • Interesting backs (!!)

I am sorry to say they are just on flash sale so I may be doomed to simply  search for them on the internets in April. I have to keep telling myself that I’m spending too much money anyway on my big move. It helps me cope.

In other news, today is my very last day at my first big girl job out of college. I had a great learning experience here and met some wonderful people- well, person, really. Don’t worry, tiny handful of followers! I still plan to continue blogging post-move.

Have a fab-o weekend!

Went Sale-ing Today

Image c/o Jenna Kuchinka

BUT FIRST! Over the weekend my friends had our cookie exchange and it was a success of enormous proportions. We watched the yule log on TV (the urban fireplace) and iced cookies and were generally merry. We had so many cookies left over, but I am planning on eating them sitting by sitting. I got my recipe here and came out on the other end with a couple of tips for next time.

  1. Don’t just spoon the cookie dough balls onto the baking sheet. They will flatten out and stick together and cause terrible destruction, i.e. I have 3 batches in Tupperware labeled, “Pretty to Medium”, “Sort of Ugly”, and “Super Ugly Slash Scraps”.
  2. Let the cookies cool almost to the point of completely before you try and move them anywhere. They are very prone to break, hence the “Scraps” part of my labeling.

Image c/o Anthropologie

Onto other things. If you are signed up for as many shopping emails as I am, you probably already know that today is pretty much the last day to order anything and have it arrive by Christmas. That is unless you enjoy paying an inordinate sum to overnight your package to save your lazy bum. To each his/her own.

I am a SUCKER for a good sale. Anthropologie has an additional 50% off Sale items deal happening. I scooped up this number for when it’s particularly blustery outside.

Image c/o Anthropologie

Sweater, Cloudleaf Funnelneck, Anthropologie, Originally $148, SALE: $24.98

For those of you that have an even deeper wallet, Marc Jacobs is having a 70% off sale for Fall ’11 RTW and shoes. Just enter “PRIVATE70” at checkout. Sadly it doesn’t apply to anything else on the site.

Image c/o Marc Jacobs

 Jeans, Highwasted Five Pocket Denim, Marc Jacobs, Originally $350, SALE: $175

Image c/o ModCloth

ModCloth has had fantastic deals all week. Each day brought a new grouping of themed items, like for pets or guys. For 24 hours they have 20% off select gifts under $100.

Image c/o ModCloth

 Bag, Iced Coffee Couture Handbag, ModCloth, Originally $59.99, SALE: $47.99

I likey this bag simply for its name. I’m still searching for a great brown carry-all…always searching for something…

Bonus points: if you made it to the bottom of this post, you shall be rewarded. RetailMeNot is a website dedicated to providing coupons and discount codes for stores. I ordered my New Years Eve grownup-girl-dress from a British store online and found a free shipping code- who knew!

I hope there aren’t a whole lot of people scrambling. If you’re one of them, I wish you good luck. Today is my last day in the actual office. I’m way excited to make my way home for the holidays tomorrow morning, except that I am a terrible packer and tonight will probably be a disaster. So good luck to me too!

J. Crew Boots for You

Image c/o J. Crew

Wowzers. Sorry for the delay in posting. Actual work is getting the best of me and with all the travel I have really taken a backseat. I hope this will make it up to you. That is, if you’re even reading this, which is dumb to say because you clearly are if you’re reading this…I’ll stop.

The brick and mortar J. Crew is best to visit during the dead of winter. By then, it’s resort wear time. I find that the second you step inside, all bundled up in your parka, you immediately regret that you do not own a beach house because, according to J. Crew’s walls and tables, you should be on vacation you mouth-breather. I enviously gaze at the skirts and critter flip-flops and internally weep. It at least gets you excited for the warmer months however far away they are in actuality. #firstworldproblems

My latest obsession is filling the holes in my wardrobe. Funny how I see my wardrobe as a bottomless pit, always eager for just one more piece. I recently purchased a pair of ankle boots like the pair seen above from J. Crew. I am digging the laces not-too-fussy-or-stuffy detailing. I decided to build an outfit around it from the ample archives and some from the sale section of the site. These boots make me want to go totally artsy, upscale hipster.

Let’s start from the top. Ba dum chhh.

Image c/o J. Crew

Image c/o J. Crew

Tank, Whisper Linen Striped Tank in Dusty Sage. J. Crew, SALE: $24.99

This tank is super lightweight and a good base for building on all your layers. I am about stripes. I just am.

Jacket, Utility Fleece Sherpa-Lined Hoodie in Bench Green, J. Crew, SALE: $88

Okay, so maybe I play for both teams. If it means I’ll get what I want, I’m not above…shopping in the men’s department. They usually have the smaller items that might not survive the onslaught of crazed women who are swooping them the moment they go on sale up while you’re asleep. Plus, men’s clothes tend to be really comfy because they don’t know how to sacrifice for fashion like we do. And to top you off…

Image c/o J. Crew

Puffer, Excursion Quilted Vest in Black, J. Crew, $98.00

Sorry this one isn’t on sale (yet). Every lady should have a puffer vest. It very rarely makes you look rounder if that’s your fear. As long as it doesn’t look supremely tight after you have all your layers on, I say you’re golden. And warm.

Image c/o J. Crew

Jeans, Downtown Skinny Jean  in Pearly Blue Wash, J. Crew, SALE: $69.99

These jeans will be perfect for tucking into the top of the boots and will ensure that the whole look is not too dark. Don’t forget some patterned socks! Fun socks for me are like fancy underwear for most. You may not see them, but I know that I’m wearing socks that have cows on them and that makes me feel sexy.

Image c/o J. Crew

Bracelet, Crystal Brulee Bracelet in Rouge, J. Crew, $45.00

Scarf, Metallic Snood, J. Crew, $49.50

These last two are just icing on the cake. I am needing the bling to remind me that I’m still a girly girl despite the hard exterior of the boots. And the snood is fabulous because it’s called a “snood”, people. That’s awesome.