My World is Flats

Image c/o Refinery 29

Classic Prep Colorblock Flats, Threadsence, $38

I know a lot of ladies out there get their jollies from the highest of heels. Maybe I’m uncoordinated, maybe I am fearful of being “too tall,” heels are simply not a part of any routine for me. I’m also not that girl that is complaining from her feet hurting three hours into a night out. My pain tolerance can’t handle it. For me, flats are the best. I walk a lot to and from work, the grocery store, you get the picture. I love to walk.

This slideshow from Refinery 29 brightened my day and thinned out my virtual wallet. The title of the post calls them “Office Friendly” but I call them “Life Friendly.” Enjoy.

Image c/o Refinery 29

Melinda Exotic Embossed Leather Slingback, Ann Taylor, $115

Image c/o Refinery 29

Lady Bombay Patent-Leather and Mesh Ballet Flats, Christian Louboutin, $695

Image c/o Refinery 29

Gemma Two-Tone Flats, Elizabeth & James, $175

Image c/o Refinery 29

Botticelli Lace Up Sliver Wedge Sandals, MIA, $39



Image c/o J Brand

The fashion world is moving too fast towards springtime trends. Sure, there is crazy weather out there, but I’m just not ready for super bright colors yet. Perhaps that is because there is a winter storm warning in effect in my area. No flip flops for me.

Regardless of the actual weather, neons are practically bursting at the seams in every storefront, both of the virtual and physical variety, and on runways around the globe. A trend that I am particularly inspired by is neo-neutrals. As I understand it, this is a unique pairing where the loudness of a neon is hushed by a neutral. Maybe a white tee with a sweet, hot pink necklace (I’m DYING to DIY this one from The Glitter Guide. I can’t even STAND how fierce it is). I hope you’ll see, in the pics below, that this goodness only sounds strange. The visual is much more appealing, much like the Nutella grilled cheese I came across on Cup of Jo.

The above jeans from J Brand are a fine example of the colored denim that is becoming cool for the next season (finally!). Gap has some more affordable pairs that are just as colorful (as well as a heap of neutrals to go with your neons), though I don’t know how comfortable I am with their new “lightweight denim.” It feels papery thin. Maybe it’s just me.

Images c/o J. Crew

Left: Top, Colorblock Stripe Boatneck Tee in Neon Pink Chalkboard, J. Crew, $45.00

Right: Belt, Patent Leather Skinny Belt in Neon Azalea, J. Crew, $36.50

This top was recently seen on Cupcakes and Cashmere. It features the beloved classic, stripes, with the surprise of neon. It makes me think of a yacht party. The belt would be perfect on a shift dress or a pair of khakis. I feel like this type of accessory would do just as well in the dreariness of winter chills.

Images c/o Nordstrom

Left: Sandal, DV by Dolce Vita ‘Archer’ Sandal, Nordstrom, $68.95

Right: Wedge, ALDO ‘Brimfield’ Wedge Sandal, Nordstrom, $89.95

Neo-neutrals aren’t just limited to above the ankle! Put some on your footies. I love, love, love sandals. Almost as much as I love ballet flats. I like that the gold is glamming up an otherwise average sandal. The same goes for the hints of pink the paint the edges of the wedge. It’s not too, too bold, which I dig. It gives off the feeling equivalence of a wink.

Images c/o Ideeli

Left: Dress, W118 By Walter Baker Peach/White Ella Dress, Ideeli, SALE: $69.99

Right: Dress, Green Envelope Colorblock Racerback Dress, Ideeli, SALE: $49.99

If I wasn’t committed to honoring my Lenten promise of no-clothes-shopping, I would have already scooped up both of these jah-mazing dresses. They have everything one could want:

  • Trendsetting: neo-neutrals
  • Trendsetting x2: colorblocking
  • Feminine bow detail
  • Flattering shape
  • Interesting backs (!!)

I am sorry to say they are just on flash sale so I may be doomed to simply  search for them on the internets in April. I have to keep telling myself that I’m spending too much money anyway on my big move. It helps me cope.

In other news, today is my very last day at my first big girl job out of college. I had a great learning experience here and met some wonderful people- well, person, really. Don’t worry, tiny handful of followers! I still plan to continue blogging post-move.

Have a fab-o weekend!

American Girl in Paris: Part Une

My own picture in the Musee d'Orsay

Bonjour! That’s about all the French I know. I’m hoping that will change since I recently bought a LivingSocial deal for a 12-month online language class. I have yet to start it, but…still hoping. On another note, my roommate is going to Paris to visit her sister who is studying abroad. I am lucky enough to have been to Paris a couple of times and always leave with a heavy heart because it is such an incroyable place. It’s true, those Parisian women are just something else. Their sense of style and grace is otherworldly. I could live without the chain smoking though.

I decided to do a sort of what-I-would-pack-if-I-were-going-too one afternoon on ModCloth. Then I thought that I would also pick out something I think she would wear because our sense of style is rather different. As I put it once, she is to Crate & Barrel what I am to the flea market. In other words, she favors the classics while I favor the classics with a twist. A crisp white t-shirt versus a crisp white t-shirt that’s backless. Enough examples? Okay, let’s get down to it.

There were a few things (besides style elements) that I kept in mind while forming these two outfits. She will be there in the spring so it will still be a little on the chilly side but nice enough that she doesn’t have to be bundled up. In my fantaisie, it will be a bright, sunny day. I chose to go to ModCloth for this adventure because I adore their vintage-inspired aesthetic. Paris has a special style all its own, as does ModCloth. Finally, I dipped my toe into the Paris Spring 2012 trends. They’re always ahead of the game so it’s best to go there prepared, though there really is no way to avoid looking like a tourist. Just own it.

The fun part about all of this is that pieces from one side can easily be brought to the other. This is not a contest; it’s a way of showing both styles. You would find most of these types of items in my closet or my roommate’s closet. What you wear just depends on the occasion and/or your mood. Ah…the beauty of your closet. PS do you die for the names of all these things?!

Images c/o ModCloth

Classic: Dress, ‘Tis a Shift to Be Simple Dress in Navy, $52.99.

Nothing better than a plain, clean canvas. This shift provides ease of movement and is a crucial wardrobe building block.

Modern: Dress, Crinkled Confection Dress, SALE: $24.99

What makes this dress a little special is the texture of the overlay. Makes you want to reach out and touch it, right?

Images c/o ModCloth

Classic: Belt, Idyllic Apple Belt, $14.99.

Trade out that normal brown belt that comes with the dress and add a little red. It is the color of amour. Maybe it’s because of their flag but, there’s just something about red and blue together in France.

Modern: Tights, Invisi-bow Tights, $17.99

Peek-a-boo! Bows! These are mullet tights: business in the front, party in the back. Precious.

Images c/o ModCloth

Classic: Shoes, Born Brilliant Flat, $29.99.

When you think of Europe you generally think of walking. They walk a lot more than most Americans. Trust. Flats, especially of the ballet variety, are popular there. You do see some show-offs wearing heels, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to keep up with that. These shoes are casual with the slightest touch of elegance, which goes perfectly with a tour of the Louvre.

Modern: Shoes, Feeling Pine Flat, $39.99.

For me, the strap is key. Walking around for hours can lead to blisters. Non merci. With these shoes the buckle adds security (you won’t lose one in the Seine) and the inner-ankle coverage adds sass.

Images c/o ModCloth

Classic: Ring, Ring Me Up, $9.99.

Nothing says classic like pearls. I dare you to steer me otherwise.

Modern: Ring, Golden Gift Ring, $9.99.

I can’t get off the bow train. This is such a quiet way to throw a little curveball into your jewlery box.

Did you like part une? Keep your figurative (and probably literal) pants on for part deux later this week…bonsoir!

H&M Skirt

Skirt, H&M, $29.95

I want this whole outfit on me. H&M is muy popular in Europe, but I think it’s just getting its sea legs over here in America. I think I would choose some complimentary neutral flats for Fall. Maybe they would have a touch of sparkle like these I found on Piperlime.

Piperlime, Corso Como Festive in Pewter, $60

I rarely wear heels (I know, let’s all be shocked) so I would gravitate more towards these if I wanted to get spunky.

Piperlime, Blowfish Java, $49.99 SALE

If it were life and death and I had to wear heels and got a HUGE bonus at work I would definitely squeeze my piggies into something fabulous. Bonus points: they’re a Rachel Zoe pick. Minus points: Rachel Zoe tends to not be too price conscious so a lot of what she picks are not picked by me.

Piperlime, Pour La Victoire Laisha in Taupe, $365

Let’s hope I have a “victoire” at the mall this weekend.