The Look for Less: Feminine Sweatshirt

CluClu Ruffled Sweatshirt, Shopbop, $195

There are few things that Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere fame does incorrectly, in my opinion. I find her posts very inspirational and look forward to seeing what she is thinking day in and out. Her photography is something I envy greatly, aside from her delicious clothing budget, of course.

The other day she wore a very on-trend-for-fall sweatshirt, coupled with the surprising detail of a soft ruffle. As I’ve said in the past I am a boisterous supporter of two things:

1. Mixing edgy with femininity

2. Finding or making the same thing for less

There’s no way I could justify a $195 sweatshirt, so I searched for the next best thing.


Chiffon Ruffles T-shirt, Sheinside, $21.64

Much more reasonable and, for me, flattering. I have already added this to my September wish list. Can you imagine? Some dark skinny jeans and riding boots? I’m dying. This number might even be closer to the Clu version, but I’ll let you decide.


Friday Find: Mixed Materials

Image c/o ASOS

Image c/o ASOS

This year for Fall, I am all about mixing materials. I have a special affinity for leather-like accents. What I wear tends to edge on the far spectrum of feminine so the harder details even me out. In a progressive edit of my closet, I’ve found I lack tops (that I actually wear) and skirts. This number from ASOS is a fun spin on a basic sweater. And for a more glamorous time, I’m really digging this one from Rhyme Los Angeles.

Hooray for trends!

The Look for Less: Jamie Chung

Image c/o Polyvore

Image c/o Polyvore

I am constantly amazed by creative people. Designers, stylists, interior decorators – I wish I had a piece of their mind. While I fancy myself to have a sense of style, the things that I find truly inspiring I just end up copying instead of thinking of them myself. But you know what they say about flattery and all that jazz and blah blah blah.

My fandom of style, bargains, and collaging orbit within the same gravitational pull that is my soul. So when I found The Look for Less feature on Polyvore I’m sure my brain lit up on a fictitious CAT scan. A fabulous outfit for less is exactly what I always need. I by no means pay that close of attention to Jamie Chung (aside from the fact that I feel like everyone forgets she started out in one of the few The Real World seasons I actually watched) but she’s giving me fly vibes in this look.

I already spent my budget for this month, but these pants might sneak their way in for September.

LLWD: Lace Little White Dress

As pre-fall fashion window displays continue popping up along Michigan Avenue, I want to politely tell them (because there’s no room for rudeness at Chanel) that it can’t possibly be time for that because we just got pre-summer weather. On Cupcakes & Cashmere a few days ago, the lace little white dress exuded an especially summery feeling. Unfortunately, the price tag gave me a “help me, I’m poor” feeling.

Image c/o Shopbop

Image c/o Shopbop

{Dolce Vita Jeralyn Dress, Shopbop, $264}

No matter. With the help of my trusty virtual shopping buddy, Polyvore, I was able to find three very suitable alternatives.

Image c/o Forever21

Image c/o Forever21

{Floral Embroidered Mesh Dress, Forever21, $29.80}

Image c/o H&M

Image c/o H&M

{Airy Dress, H&M, $19.95}

Image c/o Threadsense

Image c/o Threadsence

{Wild Heart Crocheted Detail Dress, Threadsence, $39.00}

I’m in my own LLWD today and can’t help but fantasize about expanding my collection with any one of these gems. Come August when my personal online shopping embargo ends (yes, you read correctly. I am not online clothes shopping for all of July and doing very well, thank you, Doubting Thomas!), you can bet that I will be hunting for more.

To Me From Me

My own image

Last week, as a belated Valentine’s gift to (who else but) myself, I picked up a darling little Kate Spade coin purse (on eBay no less) with the most adorable golden phrase stamped on its front that quite accurately models my own spending philosophy: PINCHING PENNIES #SHOEFUND. Why did I get myself a Valentine’s Day gift? I just simply needed something cute to hold my bus pass.

When it arrived, inside was the general care card with something else that made me smile.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 3.24.45 PMThis only leaves me to assume that Kate Spade knows me intimately. A fact that will keep me going back to her from this day forward.

Happy Friday.

Go for the Gold

Image c/o Rikkle

Image c/o Rikkle

(Side note: I love Kate Winslet and I missed her at this year’s Golden Globes. Sad face.)

I actively participate in three awards shows a year: the Emmys, the Golden Globes, and, of course, the Oscars. By “participate” I mean talk and text my thoughts to anything within earshot while it’s on. I criticize the dresses that are ugly, I laugh at the host’s jokes, I cheer for who I think I should win, I stomp my feet when they lose, and I cry at the acceptance speeches.

This year I was overall pleased with the actual awards results. I was elated that Ben Affleck won for Best Director and then Argo went and won Best Picture, Drama. In short: I love Adele’s accent, Anne Hathaway was entirely too clingy on Amanda Seyfried when Les Mis won, and I must find a way to start watching Homeland and Girls.

The fashion is really what I’m in it for. Usually everyone jumps on board with the color of the moment, but I feel like everyone went with their gut and that is commendable. In short: lots of high slits, lots of sleeves, lots of variety. There were three special looks of the night that I want to call out and while some also call out the worst, I will refrain. Not because I’m a nice person, but because my fingers tire of all this typing.

Best Dressed #3: Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta

Image c/o EOnline

Image c/o EOnline

Even after having two kids, she puts us to shame. She’s not my most favorite actress, but she seems like a normal, nice person. Her necklace with that neckline and that hair are really what sold it for me. She looks really fresh.

Best Dressed #2 and 1.5: Ben Affleck in Gucci and Jennifer Garner in Vivienne Westwood

Image c/o Pop Sugar

Image c/o Pop Sugar

These two get a joint award. Together they look so in love and so gorgeous. I don’t even like facial hair, but Ben is simply rocking it. The icing on the cake was watching him make his acceptance speech and show love for Jennifer knowing that the other Jennifer (Lopez, that is) was sitting in that very room listening. Ben’s winning awards and she’s dating a backup dancer. Sweet, sweet victory.

Best Dressed #1: Kristen Wiig in Michael Kors

Image c/o EOnline

Image c/o EOnline

Just. Wow. I was so impressed by Kristen Wiig. She looks so effortless and her bod is fierce. I’ve been really into gold jewelry lately so this was hitting my sweet spot. While, black is an easy color to go to, I will stand by and applaud her.

Who was your favorite? Who’s pumped for the Oscars?!