Friday Find: Just Start

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 10.24.54 AM{Gold Foil “Just Start” Print by CharmAndGumption}

Whatever that thing is that you’re thinking of doing – you know, the one that you swore you would follow through with, but haven’t because it might be hard or scary or both – sometimes you just need a kick in the rear. So here it is. Just start!

What’s my thing, you ask? Do you think because I sit behind the protective lens of the computer that I just posit questions to the universe without revealing anything about my own troubled self? No way, José! I’m not above sharing. I have a handful of to do’s that I am holding on to. The one that first comes to mind (probably because I got the inspirational print from the site) is to sell some of my wares on Etsy. I love making scarves, but I’m scared no one will buy them. And that, to me, means failure. I forget that not putting anything up for sale is a fail. So next month, I’m going to try and sell a scarf or two. It’s fall after all! Hashtag rhyming.

Before we get to another set of New Year’s resolutions, see what you can cross off your list. Here’s to a better you! (And I’m done)


The Look for Less: Jamie Chung

Image c/o Polyvore

Image c/o Polyvore

I am constantly amazed by creative people. Designers, stylists, interior decorators – I wish I had a piece of their mind. While I fancy myself to have a sense of style, the things that I find truly inspiring I just end up copying instead of thinking of them myself. But you know what they say about flattery and all that jazz and blah blah blah.

My fandom of style, bargains, and collaging orbit within the same gravitational pull that is my soul. So when I found The Look for Less feature on Polyvore I’m sure my brain lit up on a fictitious CAT scan. A fabulous outfit for less is exactly what I always need. I by no means pay that close of attention to Jamie Chung (aside from the fact that I feel like everyone forgets she started out in one of the few The Real World seasons I actually watched) but she’s giving me fly vibes in this look.

I already spent my budget for this month, but these pants might sneak their way in for September.

Friday Find: Remember the Library?

Image c/o Pinterest

Image c/o Pinterest

One of my bad habits is reading too many books at one time. So when I finally got around to getting a Chicago Public Library card, I knew I was dousing lighter fluid on a bonfire (no, this is not a  Fahrenheit 451  reference).

A contributing reason that it took me so long was not wanting to fumble around with a book as a commuter. Although I’m not quite taking a private plane to work, I stick to the TSA two carry-ons rule when on the bus. I didn’t want a book taking up precious real estate (and bodily strength) whilst in my tote.

But now, the library affords me the opportunity to download eBooks to my iPad, which takes up little room in my bag. And they’re free! What?! Currently I’m cruising through The Night Circus and I scope daily for my next read.

Now if only I could snag a weekend with nothing to do but drink coffee and read. Ah, la vie en rose.

Tell me what to read next!

Going for the Gold

Image c/o IKEA and A Different View

I am a crafter at heart. I love seeing something that I think is fabulous and then trying to imagine how to recreate it at a lower cost. There’s something about making it my own that really draws me to want to use my hands. One such project that is currently taking place (at a glacial pace) is a grey and white chevron backdrop for my TV.

The idea came to me when I realized how annoyed I was with all of the exposed wires. Once I hang up my creation this week, I’ll be sure to post it here. I have made a promise to myself to not start this new project that I will describe to you below until I finish said TV backdrop. My apartment is finally in a semi-normal state and I don’t want to indulge my crafting ADD any more than I already am.

So where did I get my brilliantly shiny plan? I was surfing through a post on The Glitter Guide about great ideas for your home office. Granted, I live in a studio so my living space is many spaces in one. My “home office” is a desk and chair by the window. Thus, a multi-functional space calls for multi-functional furniture. Long ago (so like, last week) I decided that the final empty space in my apartment would be best suited by a storage/bookcase structure. When I saw the two images below, my brain had a moment and I knew I had found my answer!

Images c/o The Glitter Guide and Bryn Alexandra

Do you get it yet? No? Okay, I’ll break it down. The Glitter Guide (on zee left) told me, “Being organized is beautiful and you can do it with sweet baskets.” Bryn Alexandra (on yer right) told me, “There’s this gorgeous new line at IKEA that could make all your dreams come true.” I said, “Sold, but – roadblock – that IKEA bookshelf is ugly black brown and I need it to be in gold.” Luckily, my inner crafting goddess said none too soon, “Just do it.”

So soon my painting-IKEA-furniture-gold adventure begins. I am not sure how long it will take or how much I will hate myself for deciding to do it because IKEA furniture is like rocket science to put together in the first place. Good luck, me!

Today I Want To…

What are you going to do today?

DIY: T-Shirts & Bracelets

My evenings usually have a couple hours that are free for just me time. I usually get in a workout after which I make dinner and watch TV. If there’s something to clean up, I’ll get it done (minus those two loads of laundry in my closet, those I cannot d0).

Now that I have a better lay of my neighborhood land, I want to do some more productive things. I found these projects below that particularly intrigue me. They will be perfect for the upcoming colorful and warmer months. Bonus: you can make them without a manual. That’s what I love about P.S. I Made This. Just simple steps and you have something you made.

Image c/o Pinterest

Tying the bottom triangle of a t-shirt? Easy and chic.

Image c/o Birchbox

A customizable bracelet for everyone. Gold is so coming back.

Image c/o Pinterest

First of all, I love anything tie-dye. Just cut out the back and wrap the extra material around the straps. Can someone say, “beach cover-up?”

Image c/o Saifou

I would like one of each!

D-I-Yes, please!