Friday Find: Fitsugar’s Fit Fix App

Image c/o @popsugarhome

Image c/o @popsugarhome

It was as if the fitness gods saw my plight and decided to be merciful. Just yesterday after posting about looking for a different workout every morning, whilst cruising through my Instagram feed, I came upon a pic from @popsugarhome about a new app called Fit Fix. Just as the description says, there’s an entire library of videos and workouts. You can target certain areas or workout your whole body. The user interface is simple and clean paired alongside the bold lifestyle photos. Did I mention it’s free? Whee!

Here are some of the screenshots I took while taking my first tour through:

Images c/o Fit Fix

Images c/o Fit Fix

Images c/o Fit Fix

Images c/o Fit Fix

I’ll give it a first real try on Wednesday when I’m back from vacation (heading out to Las Vegas with some gal pals for some much-needed relaxation). I think I will enjoy the strength training exercises the most.

Have a safe (and moderately healthy) weekend!



Image c/o Lol Passion

Like Carrie and the Girls, I have Secret Single Behavior (SSB) even though I’m actually not single. I pretend sing karaoke. I also talk aloud to myself. I do video workouts on the TV like some middle-aged mother of three. “It’s weird but it just feels good!”

Living alone has it’s perks. In addition to the weird things I do above, I get to indulge in some of my more lazy behaviors as well. I get to wear whatever I want (like the pj shorts that my boyfriend thinks are ugly when, in actuality, they’re super cute), I get to watch whatever TV I want (right now it’s a marathon of Private Practice and I watched it all. weekend. long.). There’s a desk to return that’s been sitting here for over a month now (which is no longer my fault because Target is physically mailing me a return label due to technical difficulties). You get the idea.

The video above  portrays my weekdays relatively accurately, minus the mess. I really am not that messy. Or gross. I do, however, not launder my clothes for rather lengthy stints of time (2 loads this weekend). It all stays in the laundry basket though. No way I’m giving up bed real estate to dirty clothes.

I’m not bashing the living-alone-lifestyle. It helps to have some time to decompress from everything and everyone, which I really needed. These past two days I took some lovely walks and hung out with some cool folks, but when you’re alone too many days in a row it gets a little lonely. For now, I will enjoy sweating to Zumba solo, thanks.

Sad Mac

My technological self got turned upside down this week. But first, the clip above is a gem (remember those Mac laptops? I wanted one so badly). This is pretty much how I reacted when it all went down and interacted with the cable tech when he came to my apartment the next morning, minus a bf around to make me freak out more.

You see, my cable went out on Tuesday. Not a big deal because I shouldn’t even have TV as part of my package as I have only been watching Netflix for 3 weeks (I am probably going to get rid of cable after this experience). I called the cable company and they said there was an outage in my area. Okay, fine, whatever, I have Netflix.

Wednesday eve rolls around and I boot up my little Roku and the internet is out. GAH! I call again to say the cable AND the internet are out. Apparently the outage had been fixed so my problems became isolated. The tech was scheduled to come out to see what’s up the next morning. I was in deep despair until about 8:30 when I realized that I possessed a perfectly functioning DVD player. Salvation. Later I got to thinking, when did I become so dependent on technology? It’s quite sad really.

(I built an entire baker’s rack before he got there and) After approximately 10 minutes of looking at my cable he said there was nothing he could do. Now the people in the rig have to come out an fix it on Monday morning.

Image c/o Robot Monkeys

Fortunately, I am not going to be in my apartment very much this weekend so I won’t be plagued with deciding between finishing my taxes, finding a solution to replacing my new desk that arrived damaged sans personal vehicle transportation, or (gasp) exercising, or (gasp gasp) reading a book!

This week is good and done as far as I’m concerned. I was without my better half all week (returns from vacay today!!!) and as Lent is drawing to a close I am getting more and more stressed out about not being able to shop. I know it sounds insane, but I am seriously cracking under the no-spending pressure.

So three things before you go:

1. If you haven’t seen this certain Tumblr yet, you’re missing out. I saw this one today and, for me, it couldn’t be more true.

2. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to shop.

3. Have a fabulous weekend!

It’s O-s-c-a-r

The nominations are in…as a result, there are so many movies I have to see. Yes, people, we have our Oscar nominations. I greatly appreciated the brevity of the nominees announcement yesterday morning on Good Morning America. It was quick, to the point and afterwards I made my way to work. My only complaint goes out to Jennifer Lawrence’s outfit seen in the video arriba.

Image c/o

Now before I get too excited about the red carpet arrivals and the actual telecast itself, I have complied a list of the remaining movies I need to see in the Best Picture category. Mostly I like to feel well-informed on all the nominees in that particular category. The boy equivalent to this is watching a football game and not knowing anybody’s name. What’s the point of watching if you don’t feel invested? (This example is actually how a lot of girls feel while watching a football game.)

Here are all the nominated films and my feelings about them (if you care).

Image c/o IMDb

TO SEE: The Artist is a black and white film with French people. When I saw the preview for the first time, my inner movie critic that judges whether or not I will see it was all, “Psh. No thanks.” Time passed and I started to detect a low humming noise in my ear. It was buzz about this movie. I am resolved to see it now, especially after it won a couple Golden Globes and is nominated for 10 Oscars.

Image c/o IMDb

SEEN: I feel as though I am missing something in The Descendants. Overall, I came away a little disappointed. Though it leaves out a few things, the trailer pretty much sums up the whole movie. George Clooney won a Golden Globe for his performance so maybe this is proof that I should keep my day job and forego the dim limelight of a professional movie critic.

Image c/o IMDb

TO SEE: My Kindle tells me that I am a mere 15% into the book, but I have told myself that I cannot see Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close until it reads 100%. This was a bit of a surprise nomination, but I’m glad it squeaked in there as it looks incredibly promising. Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock are just icing.

Image c/o IMDb

SEEN: This is one of the best books I’ve read. I couldn’t put it down and recommended it to anyone that would listen. The Help, as a movie, is a pretty good adaptation of the book. Both mediums are perfect on a lazy afternoon. I would truly like to see it again.

Image c/o IMDb

TO SEE: Another sneak attack to my radar, Hugo, appears to be a must-see. It’s directed by Martin Scorsese, so maybe that should have been my tip-off. Though I don’t have any dependents (I’m not even a pet parent), I still want to give this one a shot.

Images c/o IMDb

SEEN (& OWN): Good golly this movie was great. Midnight in Paris has quite an ensemble cast, including one of my most faves, Rachel McAdams. Directed by Woody Allen, this takes you on an unexpected journey through Paris, which is just goregous. If you’re a lover of the arts you’re going to eat this one up.

Image c/o IMDb

SEEN:  I saw Moneyball with two guys who really liked this movie (kind of a “duh”). I enjoyed myself and thought the producers had a good balance between the actual sport and the drama that surrounded this particular story. I know enough about baseball to understand what’s happening and didn’t feel like this movie excluded me from the audience.

Image c/o IMDb

SEEN: This movie…is hard to describe. The Tree of Life is something I think I can one day say I saw. Brad Pitt also stars in this one, as does Jessica Chastain, who co-starred in The Help.  It was very…artsy sci-fi. I can’t really give any other opinion than that because it was rather challenging to follow or discern any concrete plot. So…good luck with it.

Image c/o IMDb

SEEN: My roommate and I were the only ones in the theatre for War Horse. It was nice because we could chit-chat while the movie was happening. This is a long one, but overall a worthwhile movie. The intertwining stories during World War I give it a more robust plot line. While it seems like Director Steven Spielberg steered it in a more Disney-like feature, I do enjoy horses.
My prediction you didn’t ask for? I think the winner will ultimately be The Artist. Find out by setting your alarm clock for Sunday, February 26 at 7:00 pm ET to watch it all go down. These types of broadcasts are the only times when I am jealous of the Pacific coasters- they don’t have to stay up as late!

In New York

I am headed to New Yorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk tomorrow morning. I included the video above because A) I really like Glee (I fancy myself to possess Rachel Berry vocals, but that could just be the poor acoustics in my car), B) when this song premiered as the season two opener I lost it with…glee, C) I wish I, too, could break out into song at odd intervals, D) New York, I believe, is my favorite city in the world.

There will be some time for walking around on Friday evening and Saturday night. Luckily, the hotel where I am staying is in a prime locale within walking distance of: Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Bryant Park, Central Park, Times Square, Magnolia Bakery.

I enjoy getting lost in the bustle and sounds of the streets and the seemingly endless activities. If only I were spending more than a day and a half there. I never seem to have enough time…My affinity for top-knots and quirky/trendy clothes feel more permissible and eating outside is a daily routine. Perhaps I glamorize it from my years of devotion to Sex and the City, but every time I visit is pretty amazing.

In my preparations, I was perusing outfit options while simultaneously flagging future purchases for October. Even though it’s barely Fall, a lot is going on sale and I want to be there to capitalize on the deals. My New York uniform includes skinny jeans, comfortable flats and top, aviators and a fabulous jacket, possibly one of the few seen here.

Thus, my (fledgling) New York/October inspiration…

Belts, H&M

Nature Wrap Watch in Tobacco/Gold, La Mer Collections, ideeli

Image c/o The Daybook

The above photo is from a lovely little blog I found via this image. Can you believe she’s actually pregnant in this picture? So cute! Be sure to check it out.

Paris E-Session from Style Me Pretty

One of my favorite blogs is Style Me Pretty (just added to Inspired By). I visit it because I follow @stylemepretty and I’m a sucker for love and stunning photography. I usually scroll through the images, maybe pin one or two of them to Pinterest, but that’s it. This time though…dang.

I’m not even going to post any images. You just have to trust me here. Just…look for yourself.

And if you don’t watch the video at the end then a pox be on your house because I don’t think I took a breath for the whole 3 minutes and 42 seconds (a new record for me. Old record for those of you wondering, approximately 27 seconds).

Okay maybe just a little teaser…

Image c/o Style Me Pretty and Jose Villa Photography