The Look for Less: Feminine Sweatshirt

CluClu Ruffled Sweatshirt, Shopbop, $195

There are few things that Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere fame does incorrectly, in my opinion. I find her posts very inspirational and look forward to seeing what she is thinking day in and out. Her photography is something I envy greatly, aside from her delicious clothing budget, of course.

The other day she wore a very on-trend-for-fall sweatshirt, coupled with the surprising detail of a soft ruffle. As I’ve said in the past I am a boisterous supporter of two things:

1. Mixing edgy with femininity

2. Finding or making the same thing for less

There’s no way I could justify a $195 sweatshirt, so I searched for the next best thing.


Chiffon Ruffles T-shirt, Sheinside, $21.64

Much more reasonable and, for me, flattering. I have already added this to my September wish list. Can you imagine? Some dark skinny jeans and riding boots? I’m dying. This number might even be closer to the Clu version, but I’ll let you decide.


Friday Find: Party Supplies

Image c/o Urban Outfitters

Image c/o Urban Outfitters

I plan ahead. That’s just what I do. Today I thought about purchasing a Christmas present for my sister. My mind is looking that far ahead. So when the Bachelorette party I’ve mentioned I’m planning a couple times here is just under a month away, to me it feels like it’s happening tomorrow.

Everywhere I turn I get a new idea. Yesterday afternoon at Bed Bath & Beyond almost sent my brain into a catatonic state. While you might not turn there for party supplies, I was so close to grabbing Bluetooth speakers so that I could play music throughout the apartment  when we’re sipping morning mimosas, or doily placemats for whatever you would need a placemat for. At Michael’s I practically pass out before I get in the door. The crafty aura is almost too much for me. I love it.

From paper straws to diamond ring ice trays, there is just so much I want to achieve to make this the best party ever. It will also be the first time I am really entertaining people in my apartment so I need to set the bar high. The day is almost here and I’m super jazzed, especially because I’ve been planning it since September 2012. I have the gchat to prove it.

I’m not even going to get started on the outfit planning. Your eyes will glaze over.

Happy Friday!

LLWD: Lace Little White Dress

As pre-fall fashion window displays continue popping up along Michigan Avenue, I want to politely tell them (because there’s no room for rudeness at Chanel) that it can’t possibly be time for that because we just got pre-summer weather. On Cupcakes & Cashmere a few days ago, the lace little white dress exuded an especially summery feeling. Unfortunately, the price tag gave me a “help me, I’m poor” feeling.

Image c/o Shopbop

Image c/o Shopbop

{Dolce Vita Jeralyn Dress, Shopbop, $264}

No matter. With the help of my trusty virtual shopping buddy, Polyvore, I was able to find three very suitable alternatives.

Image c/o Forever21

Image c/o Forever21

{Floral Embroidered Mesh Dress, Forever21, $29.80}

Image c/o H&M

Image c/o H&M

{Airy Dress, H&M, $19.95}

Image c/o Threadsense

Image c/o Threadsence

{Wild Heart Crocheted Detail Dress, Threadsence, $39.00}

I’m in my own LLWD today and can’t help but fantasize about expanding my collection with any one of these gems. Come August when my personal online shopping embargo ends (yes, you read correctly. I am not online clothes shopping for all of July and doing very well, thank you, Doubting Thomas!), you can bet that I will be hunting for more.

Friday Find: Scented Macaron Coin Purse

Macaron{Scented Macaron Coin Purse in Orange, Fred Flare}

1. Macarons are amazingly delicious.

2. You can never have enough tiny pouches.

3. These are scented, y’all.

4. I ate a mango macaron once and my lips swelled up. That’s how I found out I’m allergic to mangoes.

Have the most amazing Friday ever!

Friday Find: Run Like the Fancy Wind

Image c/o Old Navy

Image c/o Old Navy

{GoDRY Tank in Neon Alarm Clock, Old Navy, On Sale}

In my last post I mentioned my affinity for workout clothes. This part of my wardrobe has been neglected for quite some time, which creates a particular dilemma for me each time I open my dresser drawer: if you supposedly work out so much, why don’t you have enough (clean) clothes to wear?

In my pursuit of acquiring affordable pieces, (sorry, Lululemon, I desperately love you but I cannot buy you as often as I would like) I came across two fancy pants styles in the latest issue of Women’s Health. Then I did something I almost never do, I looked in the back of the magazine to actually see where the clothes could be purchased. Sure, I always note this factoid when it’s listed on the page in which it is featured, but having to scan to the back has been too laborious in my past life. Let me tell you, it’s worth it to look.

Taking a colorful top (which is all the rage right now) from Old Navy, I paired it with the pairs of leggings satisfying rule number uno of buying clothes: only buy pieces that go with others in your closet.

Images c/o Nux and Londo Mondo

Images c/o Nux and Londo Mondo

{Left: Focus Capri in Hydrangea, Right: Hardtail Lowrise Capri in Dark Python}

They’re pretty wild, but I’m willing to go for a run on that side (too much/complicated for a Friday?).

Have a great weekend!

Friday Find: Hey, Gorgeous Face

Images c/o The Body Shop

Images c/o The Body Shop

In an attempt to keep my little baby of a blog alive and well, I thought I would introduce a quasi-series that will take place each Friday. There are so many delightful things that I come across that I wish to share with others and/or  own myself. Some attainable, some not so.

For this first one (eee!) I would like to share part of my skin care regimen. I am obsessed with skin care, specifically for the face. If there is a lotion or lip balm or sunscreen that will do something special that another one doesn’t, you have my attention. For example, I have a sunscreen for sports, a sunscreen for the beach, a sunscreen for my face, a sheer sunscreen for my body, and body and face moisturizers with sunscreen. All different purposes, all completely necessary for survival.

I recently purchased the two featured serums from The Body Shop and I love them. I promise that there is a positive difference in my skin and I should know because I analyze it on the daily. The first one is the Vitamin C Skin Boost to brighten dull skin. I apply it after my moisturizer and it makes my face velvety soft with no added oily-ness later in the day. The second is the Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment meant to even out oily and dry patches of skin (kind of gross-sounding when read in print). It is the last thing I use at night and I can tell that my face is less oil-ridden during the day.

These are relatively inexpensive when compared to serums you might find at, say, Sephora. Plus, I appreciate that The Body Shop doesn’t test on animals and uses natural ingredients. Act now because there’s a 40% sale happening for Memorial Day weekend! I just may have to pick up the Vitamin E Moisture Serum

Have a great weekend!