Image c/o Pinterest

Image c/o Pinterest

Mere moments ago, after settling down with my plate full of homemade lunch deliciousness, I realized I was wearing all one color. Just like my dad on his leisure days. Midnight blue matching PJs, socks, and zip-up (because this house is literally a frozen tundra compared to my hamster cage of a studio that is a comfortable 85 degrees). #Vacation.

I scheduled my remaining PTO days to segue right into the company holiday break, so I’m officially away from the office for two whole weeks. It’s almost like reliving the college glory days, but there can never be anything as glorious as a whole month off. Never.

So far I have been able to dabble in a little bit of work, a little bit of family time, and a little bit of high school friend time. I really do like being at home because I’m able to indulge. Yesterday was an all out free-for-all at the grocery store with my mom. I got to pick out anything I wanted! I had to stop myself many times (gingerbread Pop-Tarts and several boxes of cereal didn’t make the cut). My girlfriend at a catch-up coffee date yesterday morning (shout out!) casually joked that there will be no Baked Doritos at our adult wine night tomorrow, but I assured her that those and Entenmann’s crumb donuts made their way into the shopping cart last eve. The only thing that will keep me from slipping into the depths of obesity is my mom’s unlimited guest privileges at the gym and the fact that this household only eats grass-fed meat and organic perishables. I’m not complaining.

Here are eight great things I’m loving about these next two weeks. Cheers!

Images c/o Lay's, Entenmann's, and IMDb

Images c/o Lay’s, Entenmann’s, and IMDb

Images c/o Pinterest and Racked NY

Images c/o Pinterest and Racked NY

Images c/o Pinterest and My Own Image

Images c/o Pinterest and My Own Image

Images c/o Pinterest and My Own Image

Images c/o Pinterest and My Own Image

  1. Junk food
  2. Movies
  3. Working out
  4. Shopping
  5. Coffee with friends
  6. Family dog
  7. TV marathons (yay cable!)
  8. The holidays

Big Things…

Image c/o Brownies and Tea

…are happening and happening fast. Do something out of the norm this weekend.

More important words to live by:

“Spice up your life!” -Spice Girls.

Sans Snow

Image c/o Loulou Jordan Photography

Much of yesterday’s local news was saturated with warnings that a winter storm system would be passing through overnight and firmly continue throughout the next day (today). I became consumed with girlish delights that we may have a snow day. Needless to say I was sorely disappointed when I peeped through my sad Venetian blinds to the neighboring park and found not one speck of snow. Instead the road was simply damp. It’s not even that chilly outside.

Forgive my complaints. I may be alone in wishing that winter actually felt like winter. I’m thus pleased that we have not had the type of cold that literally freezes your skin, but I don’t live in Cali for a reason (nothing against it, of course). I like all four seasons. This winter season has been odd to say the least; that cannot be denied. It’s a bit disappointing. I hope it doesn’t last.

Here’s what I’ll be dreaming about tonight…

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Oh, and this…

Images c/o Pinterest

Aren’t you supposed to wear your PJs inside out and backwards for a snow day? Perhaps I’ll harken back to those blissful elementary school days. It’s worth a shot.

Update: And as I was writing this post…it finally…began to snow.

Went Sale-ing Today

Image c/o Jenna Kuchinka

BUT FIRST! Over the weekend my friends had our cookie exchange and it was a success of enormous proportions. We watched the yule log on TV (the urban fireplace) and iced cookies and were generally merry. We had so many cookies left over, but I am planning on eating them sitting by sitting. I got my recipe here and came out on the other end with a couple of tips for next time.

  1. Don’t just spoon the cookie dough balls onto the baking sheet. They will flatten out and stick together and cause terrible destruction, i.e. I have 3 batches in Tupperware labeled, “Pretty to Medium”, “Sort of Ugly”, and “Super Ugly Slash Scraps”.
  2. Let the cookies cool almost to the point of completely before you try and move them anywhere. They are very prone to break, hence the “Scraps” part of my labeling.

Image c/o Anthropologie

Onto other things. If you are signed up for as many shopping emails as I am, you probably already know that today is pretty much the last day to order anything and have it arrive by Christmas. That is unless you enjoy paying an inordinate sum to overnight your package to save your lazy bum. To each his/her own.

I am a SUCKER for a good sale. Anthropologie has an additional 50% off Sale items deal happening. I scooped up this number for when it’s particularly blustery outside.

Image c/o Anthropologie

Sweater, Cloudleaf Funnelneck, Anthropologie, Originally $148, SALE: $24.98

For those of you that have an even deeper wallet, Marc Jacobs is having a 70% off sale for Fall ’11 RTW and shoes. Just enter “PRIVATE70” at checkout. Sadly it doesn’t apply to anything else on the site.

Image c/o Marc Jacobs

 Jeans, Highwasted Five Pocket Denim, Marc Jacobs, Originally $350, SALE: $175

Image c/o ModCloth

ModCloth has had fantastic deals all week. Each day brought a new grouping of themed items, like for pets or guys. For 24 hours they have 20% off select gifts under $100.

Image c/o ModCloth

 Bag, Iced Coffee Couture Handbag, ModCloth, Originally $59.99, SALE: $47.99

I likey this bag simply for its name. I’m still searching for a great brown carry-all…always searching for something…

Bonus points: if you made it to the bottom of this post, you shall be rewarded. RetailMeNot is a website dedicated to providing coupons and discount codes for stores. I ordered my New Years Eve grownup-girl-dress from a British store online and found a free shipping code- who knew!

I hope there aren’t a whole lot of people scrambling. If you’re one of them, I wish you good luck. Today is my last day in the actual office. I’m way excited to make my way home for the holidays tomorrow morning, except that I am a terrible packer and tonight will probably be a disaster. So good luck to me too!


Image c/o Weheartit.com

Our apartment is currently festively decked out. We have a baby tree with ornaments and pine-scented candles and even some stockings. My roommate provided all of these decorations and they are lovely. Next rental year I will be sans decorations. There is a lot of ground to cover.

While I was listening to my Christmas tunes (PS my Glee Cast (Holiday) station on Pandora is being pruned to absolute perfection), I found a lot of crafty (and inexpensive) things to do when I deck my own halls. There’s a veritable winter wonderland of ideas. (Are you over holiday puns yet?) P.S. I Made This continues to be a motivator to be creative and spruce up simple items, like dollar store pears.

Images c/o Pinterest.

I scoped some plastic ornament baubles at Michael’s and they were a measley $2! You can honestly stuff them with whatever you want. The ones featured above have feathers, rosemary, and a wedding invitation.

Image c/o Whipper Berry.

These Anthropologie-inspired trees are beyond precious. I think there is still time to make them. Oh, Mason jars…I love you.

Image c/o mer mag.

Ove the past few years where I have actually had to wrap my own presents (adulthood…), I have never directly purchased wrapping paper. I have a general dislike of wasting things. I have wrapped with magazines, newspaper, and sometimes paper bags from the grocery, like these from Trader Joes. It’s much faster (and greener) to simply write who the gift is for right on the paper! Toss it in the recycle bin after you’re done and then sit and wait for a polar bear to come hug you.

Image c/o Inspired Design.

Even the laziest of people could make this happen in their home. Collect ornaments in a specific shade or shape or just mix at random and place them in a large bowl. It makes a great centerpiece.

I’m getting jazzed for our cookie exchange on Sunday. I’ll share the recipe on Tuesday! Jazzed.

Scarf You Down

Image c/o Cup of Jo

Oh joy, oh rapture! What do I not love about this girl? I don’t love that I’m not her best friend. From her polka dot tights to her infinity scarf that is scarfing her down (yes, pun, yes) to that TOP KNOT/bang combo. I told you those would be huge (see here and here). Stick with me. We’re goin’ places.

Image c/o Cup of Jo

To that satchel and those Oxfords too. Just bravo. Spoiler alert: now you know what I’ll be wearing/looking exactly like tomorrow.

Happy December!