My Etsy Wishlist

Image c/o sparrownestscript

If you like buying things that are unique, look no further than Etsy. I’ve been an Etsy fan for years (even sold some things on it!) and now that I am in my own apartment, I have been turning to this site for various prints for my (still) bare walls (don’t rush me). I like that everything on the site feels like a more personal purchase. I especially like the vintage-y feel of something handmade, like these Pssst Mini-Notecards. Sometimes I’ll get a little carried away with adding items to my Urban Outfitters wishlist and then I realize that what I’m buying is not special; it’s just made en masse in a factory somewhere (don’t get me wrong though, I do love UO).

There are several gifting occasions on the horizon: weddings, Mother’s Day, birthdays, graduation day. I invite you to visit Etsy and find a gift not sold in a store.

Here are a few items I have had my eyeball on.

Image c/o Diana Parkhouse

A personalized ring dish for any upcoming weddings.

Image c/o imagerich

A vintage map of my hometown. I’m seriously in to the “city” theme lately.

Image c/o junedesigns

A whisper thin gold ring made from recycled 14K yellow gold.

Image c/o LibbieandWinston

A monogrammed mouse pad. So fetch.


Paris E-Session from Style Me Pretty

One of my favorite blogs is Style Me Pretty (just added to Inspired By). I visit it because I follow @stylemepretty¬†and I’m a sucker for love and stunning photography. I usually scroll through the images, maybe pin one or two of them to Pinterest, but that’s it. This time though…dang.

I’m not even going to post any images. You just have to trust me here. Just…look for yourself.

And if you don’t watch the video at the end then a pox be on your house because I don’t think I took a breath for the whole 3 minutes and 42 seconds (a new record for me. Old record for those of you wondering, approximately 27 seconds).

Okay maybe just a little teaser…

Image c/o Style Me Pretty and Jose Villa Photography